Call of Dragons Update 1.0.25 “Realm Reborn”

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.25 “Realm Reborn”

Version 1.0.25 “Realm Reborn” is coming to Call of Dragons. Here are some details on the update:

Everlasting Realm

After the end of Season S1, this land will be preserved as the “Home Realm”, becoming the eternal home and starting point for players’ conquests. In the Season after S1, players can choose to stay in the Home Realm or enter the Season Server to compete. Players can always move back to the Home Realm at any time, from anywhere!

Arrival of the High King

In Season S1, the Alliance Leader who successfully occupies the Flame Dragon will become the High King of the Realm. As the supreme leader of the Realm, the High King has a series of privileges and missions.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Own the High King’s exclusive Avatar Frame and Nameplate; Receive a weekly refresh of an exclusive Chest.
  • Gifted with Extraordinary Talent: Use the High King’s skills to bring benefits to the Home Realm, speeding up its development. Alternatively, use special skills in battle to increase your strength on the battlefield.
  • Employ the Wise and Capable: Appoint distinctive Realm Titles, rewarding merits or imposing light punishments.
  • Realm-Wide Proclamation: Send mail to all players in the Home Realm simultaneously.
  • Govern and Prosper: Players in the Home Realm can increase their Realm’s taxes by gathering and completing daily quests. The High King can use taxes to activate Realm Buffs, use combat skills, or appoint Titles. In addition, the High King has the authority to convert a portion of the taxes into Gems for themselves each day.
  • The King’s Gift: The High King can distribute a certain number of Gift Chests every week to reward players who have rendered great service.
  • For more details and rules, please refer to the relevant pages of the High King system.

Seasons and other related adjustments:

Except for Season S1, subsequent seasons will be shortened to 50 days. The pace will be faster, and the battles will be more intense!

  • In subsequent seasons, the Season Progress in Augurstone will be adjusted to match the 50-day length. Servers that were opened before the version update are not affected by this adjustment.
  • Affiliated Regions will be assigned by the system with Realms as the unit. Players cannot choose their own Affiliated Region, and it cannot be changed during the season.
  • After Season S1 ends, players can only create Alliances in their Home Realm. Created Alliances will automatically be affiliated to the Realm. Players can only join Alliances in the same Realm as themselves.
  • All Alliance data in the Home Realm will be retained permanently. Behemoth Buffs and Alliance member bonuses obtained in the Home Realm will also be effective in subsequent seasons.
  • Alliances can only summon Behemoths occupied on the current Continent, and Behemoths in season servers will no longer provide Alliance member bonuses.
  • Alliance Resources and Alliance Buildings will be counted separately in Home Realm and season servers.
  • The Alliance Merits Store will close 72 hours after “seamless” completion of S1 Season Progress is achieved. It will reopen at the start of the next season. The reopened Merits Store will be moved from the Alliance page to the Season event page.
  • Adjustments to War Pet Skill Card Pet Exchange. In Season S1, Pet Exchange only counts the market value within the current server. In subsequent seasons, Pet Exchange data will be shared between servers of the same season, and Pet Exchange data of Realms in preparation for battle will be shared with the servers of the season they are preparing for.

Returning to Home Realm:

When the Home Realm system is released, servers in Season S2 and beyond will not be affected by the changes during the current season. Players will return to their respective Home Realms after the current season ends.
Upon returning to Home Realm for the first time, the following changes will occur to Alliances:

  • The Alliance itself will be preserved, and the Alliance will be located in the Leader’s Home Realm;
  • Current Alliance Tech progress will be preserved;
  • Current Alliance Gifts will be preserved;
  • Current Alliance Resources will be preserved;
  • The current Alliance temporary members bonus will be preserved and will last for 1 month;
  • All members who have the same Home Realm as the Leader will remain in the Alliance. All members who do not have the same Realm as the Leader will be removed from the Alliance;
  • Alliance territories and related buildings in the Season Server will be cleared;
  • Alliance occupation information in the Season Server will be cleared, including Behemoths, Stages, and Villages.

Based on the above changes, we would like to remind all players: if you want to return to the same Realm as your Alliance Members, please be sure to migrate to the server where the Leader is located during the last migration at the end of the current season.

The following changes will be made to the other systems in the Home Realm:

  • Starting Area: Players will be randomly relocated to any location within their Affiliated Region;
  • Season Progress: All Season Progress will be marked as completed, and rewards will be marked as claimed;
  • Behemoths and Stages: All Behemoths and Stages will become open, and first-kill rewards will be refreshed.
  • Exploration: All Mist will be dispelled, all Villages, Caves, Camps, and other exploration content will be marked as claimed, and Season Stories will be marked as completed.

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

  • Policy system adjustments: Significantly increased the Prestige yield in all seasons, and significantly reduced the time required to enact Policies. Slightly increased the Prestige required to enact Policies in SOB1, SOT1, and SOB2 seasons.
  • Optimized the display of War Pet attribute progress bars to more accurately represent the proportion of the max value (actual attributes remain unchanged).
  • Adjusted the purchase limits for War Pet Skill Cards in Pet Exchange, changing the seasonal reset to a reset at a fixed number of days, to make it more clear and explicit. This adjustment does not affect the total number of Skill Cards that can be purchased within a certain period of time.
  • Special Note: After this version update, the purchase limits will be reset once.
  • Fixed the display error of the icons for “Potential Skills upon capture” for some War Pets (the actual skill drop chance remains unchanged).
  • Optimized the text description of Hero Talents. Players can now preview the numerical effects of all levels of a talent before upgrading it (the actual numerical effects remain unchanged).

An Even Richer Combat Experience!

  • Optimized various aspects of the combat control experience: Added a ‘Legion Control Options’ interface. Players can quickly access this interface through the ‘Legion Overview’ in the game’s HUD to enable/disable automatic Legion March, set Dragged Legion Target Selection, and more. Added a ‘Dragged Legion Target Selection’ feature, allowing players to filter the types of targets that can be selected when dragging Legions, enabling players to automatically exclude Common Legions, Rallied Legions, and Darkling Legions.Optimized preset Legion save function. When saving preset Legions, players can now also save Artifact and War Pet information, making it easier to switch between and deploy Legions! Optimized Artifact and War Pet switching during Legion creation. When creating a Legion, players can now directly access the Artifact and War Pet selection interfaces by clicking on the Artifact or War Pet icons in the Deploy Legion and Batch Deploy Legions interfaces, eliminating the need for additional steps.Optimized the Deploy Legion control experience during Legion creation. Players can now set the legion to ‘encamp after creation’.
  • Optimized the special effects for Hero Zayda’s normal attacks.
  • Fixed the issues with Zayda’s and Maggrat’s Core Talents. Before the fix, the corresponding Core Talents for the heroes were: Maggrat – Spirit of Transformation, Zayda – Power of Might.After the fix, the corresponding Core Talents for the heroes are: Maggrat – Arrow of Precision, Zayda – Balanced Heart.
  • Added a batch of Peacekeeping Artifacts to support the Auto-Cast feature, including: Kurrata’s Wrath, Enchiridion of Advanced Incantations, Catapult, Giant’s Bone, Blade of Reproach, Amulet of Glory, Codex of Prophecy, Rainbow Skyburst Fireworks, Harlequin Mask.
  • Optimized the control experience for using Elixir. Players can now use Elixir beyond the storage limit at once, making control easier when healing a large number of Legions.
  • Fixed an error in the skill description for the War Pet skill “Wild Chain Strike” (the actual skill effect is unchanged). Before the fix: Deals additional physical damage to the target Legion every 3 times Chain Strike is cast (the Damage Factor is determined by Agility). This effect can be triggered once per second. After the fix: Deals additional physical damage to the target Legion every 4 times Chain Strike is cast (the Damage Factor is determined by Agility). This effect can be triggered once per second.

A More Accessible Map

Added a ‘Personal Building View’ feature. In the strategic map, players can use the Personal Building View button to view currently constructed personal buildings such as Turrets, and quickly jump to the building’s location.

An Improved Alliance System

Union system

Union system upgrade: The ‘Warband system’ is here! Starting from Season S2, the Warband system will replace the current Union system. The main features include:

  • Alliances located in the same Affiliated Region can establish a Warband.
  • Warband members can provide mutual Alliance Help, and also relocate to the territory of other Warband members.
  • Warband Members share Behemoth Buffs (does not affect Behemoth Summoning privileges).
  • Warbands can choose and set a unique territory color, and the territories of all members will be displayed in this color.

When the Warband system is released, servers in Season S2 and beyond will not be affected by the changes during the current season. The Union system will be upgraded to the Warband system after the current season ends.
For more details and rules, please refer to the relevant pages of the Warband system.

Alliance Skills

Added 6 ‘Alliance Skills’. After unlocking through Alliance research and charging through Alliance Member donations, the Alliance Leader and Officers can release skills to accelerate Alliance development and even shape the course of the war!

A Fine Haul: Increases Alliance Members’ Gather Speed.

  • Buildings and Battlefields: Increases Alliance Members’ Hero EXP gained by defeating Darklings, and increases maximum Build Speed for Alliance Buildings.
  • Storm Vanguard: Increases Alliance Members’ Legions’ ATK and Movement Speed.
  • Fog of War: Summons a mysterious fog to the battlefield. Friendly Legions inside the Fog of War are immune to Ranged damage.
  • Vigor Boost: Recovers Stamina for all Alliance Members’ Heroes and War Pets.
  • Lair Teleportation: Activates Portals near Behemoth Lairs, allowing Alliance Members to deploy Legions instantly at Portals, significantly reducing Marching time for Behemoth Raids!

Adjusted the Road connection rules for Stages and Spires. Now, after a Stage/Spire is occupied, the Alliance can connect a Road to it. After the Road is connected, the Alliance can use the Stage/Spire as the starting point of the Road, and build Alliance Buildings. In addition, we have improved the text descriptions related to Buildings and Roads to make them clearer (the actual effects remain unchanged).

Other Improvements

  • Added a ‘Story Summary’ feature, allowing players to quickly grasp the story’s content when they skip the story.
  • Optimized the Hero Gift feature. Players can now open the hero interface to directly give gifts to their favorite heroes without waiting for the heroes to refresh in the city.
  • Added a Waldyr Emoji: ‘Popcorn’. Players can now select and use it in the Chat Window and Emoji Settings.

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