Call Of Dragons Artifacts Guide

Call Of Dragons Artifacts Guide

Artifacts are a type of gear in Call Of Dragons that you can equip on your heroes and it will give them special boosts in stats and special skills that you can activate. When you activate an artifact, you will activate a cooldown and you have to wait until it ends to use it again. Artifacts are insanely important and play a big part in how strong your heroes will be in Call of Dragons so you have to know how to use them, how to get them, how to level and upgrade them.

What makes Artifacts extremely good is that you can plan when you will use them. There are a few different rarities of artifacts that you can get and not all of them are that great so if you are interested visit our guide on the Best artifacts in Call of Dragons to know which ones are the best. 

How to get Artifacts 

How to get Artifacts 

Artifacts are hard to get so it is important to know how to get them in Call Of Dragons. You can get artifacts by completing events, purchasing bundles from in-game stores, and by Artifact Draw. 

Artifact Draw– a place where you will use your artifact keys to open an artifact compendium that will give you an artifact. The chance to get epic and legendary artifacts is low but it is a guarantee that you will get epic or legendary after you use 10 artifact keys. You can get artifact keys by completing in-game activities, alliance chest, purchase it with gems, redeem codes, etc.

In-game bundles– there are special in-game bundles in Call of Dragons that contain artifacts. They can be quite expensive so it is up to you if you are willing to purchase them. 

Events- There are a lot of different events that you will come across in Call of Dragons that will give you artifacts as part of rewards. So make sure that you keep an eye on them and complete as many as you can. With time and effort, you will be able to get some strong artifacts. 

How to use artifacts

Before you can use an artifact you have to equip it on your primary hero, an artifact from the secondary commander does not work. When you equip it you will be able to use it whenever you want. So when you are battling an enemy to use an artifact all you have to do is click on the artifact icon located on the right part of the screen. When you click on it it will instantly be activated. After that, you have to wait for a cooldown to use it again. So make sure that you plan when and on who you will use it. 

How to Upgrade and Level Artifacts

How to Upgrade and Level Artifacts

Each artifact that you have can be upgraded and leveled the same as your heroes. To level up your artifacts you will need an item called arcane dust to increase the level and stars to increase star level. You will get them from various in-game activities and events so do not worry too much about them. To increase the skill of artifacts you will need emblems that you can get from events and in-game activities, also you can get emblems from artifact draw. 

The best way to level up your artifacts in Call of Dragons is to destroy dark units and collect dark chests using dark keys. Also, make sure that you complete the dragon trail stages as much as you can because it will generate free arcane dust. If you are a new player or a new season has started, we recommend that you level up 5 artifacts that you will use all the time.

How to Upgrade call of dragons

To access upgrading and leveling of artifacts you have to go to your inventory, select artifacts, and click on details of artifacts. There you will be able to click on skills, leveling, and upgrading. If you are interested in more guides you can check out our Call Of Dragons Tier List and Call Of Dragons Talent Tree.

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