Call of Dragons War Pets Guide

Call of Dragons War Pets Guide

War Pets is a new feature in Call of Dragons that will drastically change the game and how combat works. A lot of players are comparing equipment in Rise of Kingdoms 10x better. There are a lot of things that you have to know about War Pets in Call of Dragons, and we will do our best to cover everything. We will also update this guide with more information after testing.

How to Get War Pets in Call of Dragons

How to Get War Pets in Call of Dragons

It is important to know how to get a pet. One way is by capturing them on the map. The first thing that you have to do is zoom out of the map, and you will look for war pets the same way you are looking for level 25 dark units. When you spot a pet, simply attack it.

They are not that hard to defeat. Once you defeat a pet, you will have to be careful not to kill it. Simply click on it, and you will see an option to capture a pet.

Once you click it, you will get that pet in the sanctuary, but you will spend one warrant. Maybe there will be other ways in the future to get War Pets from events and some pay-to-win pets. If they come, we will update this guide.

Pet Capture Limit Warrants

Pet Capture Limit Warrants

There is a limit to how many pets you can capture per day. For each time you capture a pet you will spend one warrant. Every player will get two free warrants each day, but you can increase that number to five. To increase it you will have to get a policy called Administrative Excellence.

So make sure that you activate the Administrative Excellence policy for three extra warrants for the day. Their costs increase by 200,000 Prestige, 500,000 Prestige, and 1 million Prestige for the first, second, and third policies, respectively.



After capturing and purifying a War Pet, you’ll want to start training them. Your war pets don’t just stay in your inventory; they are sent to a specialized place called the Pet Sanctuary. The Pet Sanctuary icon is located in the lower-right corner of your screen.

The Pet Sanctuary offers various activities that allow you to strengthen your bond with your War pets, increase their level and rarity, and get better skills.

Training Pets

Training Pets Call of Dragons

To train your War Pet, you will need items called Pet Tokens. You can get Pet Tokens from Pet Interaction, Cleaning Sanctuary, and Gifts.

Pet Tokens can be found in the “Gift Draw or by Cleaning Sanctuary. To open the Gift Draw, you will need in-game currency called “Hearts,” which can be gathered over time by managing pets. Initiating your first Gift Draw requires accumulating a sufficient number of Pet Tokens.

Once the draw is complete, you receive an item that can be used to elevate your War Pet’s attribute level, or you will get resources and skills. Giving an item to a War Pet can raise its attribute level from one to two, a prerequisite for using the pet in battle.

How to Increase the Number of War Pets

How to Increase the Number of War Pets

There is a limited number of War Pets that you can have in Sanctuary. To increase the number of pets, you will need items called enclosure expansion items. It costs 10 gems per key but each time you add one space, the cost will increase. For example, for the first slot, you will need 2 keys which means 20 gems, and for the next one 5 keys which means 50 gems. 

Pet Rarity and Attributes

Pet Rarity and Attributes

Understanding the rarity level of your War Pets in Call of Dragons is crucial for strategic gameplay. The game categorizes pets into three main rarity levels: Elite, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer the pet, the better its base attributes.

Specifically, an Elite pet receives a 10% boost to its base attributes, an Epic pet receives a 20% boost, and a Legendary pet receives a 30% boost. The base attributes in question are Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Endurance, Luck, and Spirit.

Pets require a ‘gift’ to move from attribute level one to level two. Obtaining these gifts necessitates a currency known as pet tokens, which are acquired through different activities such as interacting, cleaning, and even gifting your War Pets.

Once you collect enough tokens, you’ll initiate what’s called a ‘gift draw,’ which provides you with an item that you can present to your pet to raise its attribute level.

Attribute levels of War Pets are calculated based on two key metrics: Base Value and Growth Rate. These are ranked from C- to S-Rank, giving players an easy way to gauge the potential strength and growth of their pets.

Pet Skills

Pet Skills Call of Dragons

There are a lot of different Pet Skills that you can get but not all of them are good or worth using. What Pet Skills you will use depends on what you will do with that pet and what his attributes are. As you can see, some skills will be increased by intelligence while others will be increased by luck. There are a lot of different combinations that you can make.

Now you will get basic skills for each pet that you get but you want to get some additional skills. You will get skills by purchasing them from the shop or by opening the Gift Draw. Skills that you do not need or do not want to use can be sold for coins, so you can purchase skills that you need from the shop. Make sure that you redeem all Call of Dragons codes because there is a chance that they can contain items for pets and coins. 

Talent skills are unique to each subtype of War Pet and cannot be learned or taught; they are inherent to the pet upon capture. Common Skills, however, can be taught and replaced, offering more flexibility in how you customize your pet’s skill set.

For now, you can only get skills from shops and other events, but in the future, there will be a trading system where you will be able to trade your skills with other players, which will be an insane feature to have.

We recommend you check out the War Pets video guide from MEOWER meow to get more information. 

Pet Types and Subtypes

Pet Types and Subtypes

In the realm of Call of Dragons, War Pets are categorized into two primary types: Ground and Flying. Understanding this classification is crucial for team composition and strategy. The Ground type includes War Pets like Bears and Lizards. Faedrakes and Rocs are categorized as Flying War pets.

Delving deeper, each type has a myriad of subtypes. For instance, the Faedrake family comprises variants like Sapphire Faedrakes and Berserk Faedrakes. Each subtype has its own unique set of abilities and attributes.

You can match them with different kinds of heroes for synergistic effects. Take Sapphire Faedrakes; they work incredibly well with Magic Heroes like Liliya. Snowpeak Rocs, with their Breach effect, make an excellent pairing for Marksman Heroes such as Kinnara and Nico.

War Pet NameBest Troop TypeTalent TypeTalent Name
Frost BearInfantryStrenghtFrost Armor
Sapphire FaedrakeMagicIntelligence Painbloom
Berserk FaedrakeCavalryAgilityArrogance
Snowpeak RocMarksmenLuckConcentration
Golden RocCavalryAgilityExuberance
Ice LizardMagicIntelligenceIcecore
Sand LizardSupportIntelligenceStone Aura
Thunder LizardMagicIntelligenceTempest
Striped BearSupportStrenghtFriendship
Venemous LizardMarksmenAgilityInfection


The pets in Call of Dragons don’t just sit around in sanctuaries; they can be actively deployed in battles. But there’s a precondition: pets need to be at least at attribute level 2 to participate. Once that condition is met, your pet can fight alongside your legions, costing stamina in a manner similar to how heroes consume stamina in battles.

During combat, pets add a layer of strategy and excitement, enabling more complex attack patterns or defensive maneuvers. However, just like heroes, pets also need time to recover and rest after a battle, ensuring that strategic planning is required for sustained gameplay.

Moreover, you can’t just throw any pet into any fight. Certain War Pets are better suited for specific types of Heroes, based on their skills and attributes.

While your pet is involved in battles, their attribute levels and skills aren’t the only things at play. The pet’s ‘Affection Level,’ which can be increased through various activities in the Pet Sanctuary, also influences its combat effectiveness. You can always check out the War Pets Tier List if you are not sure what war pet you should use.

Regeneration potions and Rerolling Pets 

Regeneration potions and Rerolling Pets 

Regeneration potions are extremely important items to get. With Regeneration potions, you will entirely reset your pet’s stats, skills, and rarity. Now why is rerolling and using regeneration potions important?

Each time you reroll a pet you will get a chance to get legendary and epic pets that have much better base attributes than common and elite. The next thing is that your pet has a limited number of skills that it can have and you want to have close to 6.

Now the problem with rerolling is that you need insane luck to get the best attributes and the maximum number of skills. So before you start rerolling, make sure that you have a plan and know what attributes and skills you are looking for.

There are a few ways to get regeneration potions:

  • Monthly packs from the shop 
  • 20 from the VIP shop, each costing 40 gems 
  • Merits Store 
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