Call of Dragons Behemoths Guide

Call of Dragons Behemoths Guide: How to Defeat Behemoths

Behemoths are unique creatures in Call of Dragons that alliances can capture and control. Currently, there are eight different types of Behemoth available in the game. Each one of them has unique skills and stats. When alliances capture Behemoth, they are able to upgrade their skills and research additional buffs and stats. 

Behemoths are not that easy to defeat in Call of Dragons, especially if your alliance is new. To defeat Behemoth, you will need good alliance coordination and strong players. Some behemoths are easy to defeat, while others are incredibly hard. To capture Behemoth, your alliance will need to make numerous preparations, such as informing all players about the time of capture, developing tactics on which troops to use, what best heroes to use, where to position troops, what Behemoth skills to avoid, and much more.

Once your alliance successfully captures Behemoth, it can start researching and upgrading Behemoth’s skills, and it is then able to summon it to help you in war. Sometimes when you are trying to capture Behemoths with your alliance, there is a chance that you will lag or will not be able to see, so we recommend you download and play Call of Dragons on PC. Do not forget to redeem all codes that will give you free rewards like gems, resources, and keys.

In order to upgrade it, your alliance members will have to donate resources. When they donate, they will get Member Points. That is why it is important to have an alliance with a lot of active players who will donate every day. 

There are some rules that you have to follow when it comes to summoning Behemoth:

  • Only alliance leaders and officers can summon them.
  • Each alliance can only summon one Behemoth on the map, which means that you can not have more than one on the map. 
  • When you summon Behemoth it will start a cooldown. You have to wait for that cooldown to summon it again. 
  • To summon stronger ones you will need Behemoth Points. 

That is some basic information that you have to know about Behemoth in Call of Dragons. Now, to know how to defeat a specific behemoth, all you have to do is click on the icon or the name. It will take you to a specific page for Behemoth that you choose, where you will find the best tactic to defeat him, all locations, all skills, etc.

Call of Dragons Behemoths

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Thunder RocNecrogiant
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  1. You aren’t allowed to attack behemoths from the start, and they only become available starting with the lowest levels moving upwards. Even then you only have a window to attack every couple days. So you should build as close as possible to a level 1 behemoth at the beginning. The others are worthless at the start.

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