Giant Bear Guide Call of Dragons

Giant Bear Guide Call of Dragons

Arrack: 400
Health: 300,000
Power: 300,000
Defense: 2,250
Movement Speed: Very Fast
Battle Duration: 300s

Giant Bear Rating

4.4/5 - (16 votes)

Giant Bear is an advanced Behemoth in Call of Dragons. It is a relatively easy Behemoth to defeat and own. There are over 70 Giant Bears on the map so every alliance should be to control one.

When you defeat Giant Bear you will get 400 Gems, Relocation Teleport, 4h 10m Speedups, 500k Gold & Wood, and 375k Ore.

How to defeat Giant Bear

Giant Bear is one of the first Behemoths that you will capture in Call of Dragons, and it is one of the easiest. The problem is that your alliance will try to capture it in the early stages when you will have low-level heroes. So it is important to know how to capture a giant bear in Call of Dragons. The first thing that your alliance, especially your alliance officers, must do is prepare a plan and time of the attack. They have to send the exact time when you will start capturing Giant Bear so alliance members can be online.

Range units and magic commanders are best for fighting against all behemoths, including Giant Bear. So make sure that you use the best magic heroes in Call of Dragons and good hero pairings. You need a few tank pairings that will tank most of the Giant Bear damage. When it comes to artifacts, make sure that you do not use artifacts that have peacekeeping. The reason is that peacekeeping does not work on behemoths. Use artifacts that have bonus damage against behemoths, but if you do not have them, then use any pvp artifact.

Now, Giant Bear is relatively easy to destroy, but you have to know a few mechanics that you have to dodge and avoid. The first one is a red circle that will spawn on the ground. If you stay inside it, you will take a lot of damage, and that is why we recommend you use archers so you will never get hit by it.

The next skill that you have to avoid is a bear charge. You will recognize this skill by 2 straight lines. After a few seconds, the bear will charge, and if he does not hit any players, he will become stunned.

Tanks must use a taunt artifact if they have one. With taunt artifacts, they will pull the bear away from the player so they can not be hit by aoe Giant Bear attacks.

After some time, Giant Bear will spawn a mana stone that you and your alliance members can collect, and it will heal your troops. So if you are getting low on your troop, make sure that you collect it. If you need a visual guide, you can always watch a video by Hulksden Gaming on how to defeat Giant Bear.

Giant Bear Skills in lair

Primal Strength Primal Strength

Giant Bear is immune to all debuff effects and impairment effects.

Claw Strike Claw Strike

Giant Bear brandishes its deadly claws, dealing Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 300).

Paw Stomp Paw Stomp

Giant Bear stomps on the ground with its paws, dealing Physical Skill damage to all surrounding enemy Legions (Damage Factor 500).

Earthbreaker Earthbreaker

After charging up, Giant Bear smashes the ground, knocking surrounding Legions Airborne and dealing Physical Skill damage (15% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).

Mad Dash Mad Dash

After a short charge-up, Giant Bear rushes forward, dealing Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in its path (50% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).

Dumbstruck Dumbstruck

If Giant Bear does not hit any Legions while charging, then it is briefly Stunned, and its DEF is reduced by 20%. Healing Manastone also appears in its Lair; gather it to heal lightly wounded units.

Frenzy Frenzy

If Giant Bear hits Legions while charging, it is briefly Frenzied, and will continuously cast the Skill “Rend”.

Rend Rend

Giant Bear tears at the enemy with its teeth, dealing Physical Skill damage to all Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 900), then immediately bites all Legions in the same range, dealing Physical Skill damage a second time (Damage Factor 900). All targets in range of the two attacks take equal damage.

Healing Manastone Healing Manastone

Each time Giant Bear loses 20% HP, its Lair produces Healing Manastone. When gathered, it heals a Legion’s lightly wounded units.

Primal Primal

6m after Giant Bear enters battle, it becomes Enraged, increasing all damage it deals by 1,000%.

Giant Bear Skills in Alliance

Fury Strike

Giant Bear deals Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions nearby or those in a forward arc (Damage Factor 500).

Upgrade Preview:
Skill Damage Factor: 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000

Mad Dash

After a short charge-up, Giant Bear rushes forward, dealing Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in its path (Damage Factor 1,500).

Upgrade Preview:
Skill Damage Factor: 1500 / 3000 / 4500 / 6000 / 9000

Earth Protector

Giant Bear casts Earth Protector upon being summoned, gaining a shield that absorbs a massive amount of damage (Shield Factor 10,000) for 30s.

Upgrade Preview:
Shield Factor: 10000 / 15000 / 20000 / 28000 / 40000
Duration: 30/40/50/60/80

Giant Bear Location and Buffs

Burning Lands1020:284Build Speed +5%
Burning Lands1106:162Overall Gather Speed +5%
Burning Lands568:122Build Speed +5%
Burning Lands631:68Overall Gather Speed +5%
Burning Lands678:230Build Speed +5%
Burning Lands709:122Research Speed +5%
Burning Lands755:365Research Speed +5%
Burning Lands763:189Overall Gather Speed +5%
Burning Lands802:284Build Speed +5%
Burning Lands888:135Overall Gather Speed +5%
Burning Lands966:243Research Speed +5%
Caltia280:351Build Speed +5%
Caltia335:419Overall Gather Speed +5%
Caltia374:216Overall Gather Speed +5%
Caltia412:95Research Speed +5%
Caltia428:392Research Speed +5%
Caltia436:297Build Speed +5%
Caltia467:189Build Speed +5%
Caltia483:243Research Speed +5%
Caltia537:122Overall Gather Speed +5%
Caltia576:432Research Speed +5%
Caltia592:270Overall Gather Speed +5%
Daralan1020:1094Build Speed +5%
Daralan1036:1013Research Speed +5%
Daralan1106:1081Build Speed +5%
Daralan748:1027Overall Gather Speed +5%
Daralan818:1067Research Speed +5%
Daralan833:1013Build Speed +5%
Daralan904:946Overall Gather Speed +5%
Daralan935:973Build Speed +5%
Daralan966:1189Overall Gather Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1037:689Research Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1068:743Research Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1075:865Overall Gather Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1099:608Build Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1169:648Overall Gather Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1184:919Research Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1192:824Build Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1278:919Build Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands1285:1013Overall Gather Speed +5%
Forgotten Lands982:594Overall Gather Speed +5%
Nuvola413:905Research Speed +5%
Nuvola413:959Overall Gather Speed +5%
Nuvola421:864Build Speed +5%
Nuvola499:865Overall Gather Speed +5%
Nuvola576:1000Research Speed +5%
Nuvola576:892Research Speed +5%
Nuvola670:1027Build Speed +5%
Nuvola678:689Overall Gather Speed +5%
Nuvola717:892Build Speed +5%
Nuvola756:770Research Speed +5%
Safrostia116:689Build Speed +5%
Safrostia147:419Research Speed +5%
Safrostia179:797Research Speed +5%
Safrostia225:446Build Speed +5%
Safrostia241:581Overall Gather Speed +5%
Safrostia264:486Overall Gather Speed +5%
Safrostia264:837Build Speed +5%
Safrostia319:689Overall Gather Speed +5%
Safrostia335:824Overall Gather Speed +5%
Safrostia342:594Build Speed +5%
Safrostia421:783Research Speed +5%
Safrostia77:567Research Speed +5%
Zoland1083:446Overall Gather Speed +5%
Zoland1145:473Build Speed +5%
Zoland1216:406Research Speed +5%
Zoland1231:541Research Speed +5%
Zoland1332:743Overall Gather Speed +5%
Zoland1348:392Overall Gather Speed +5%
Zoland1402:513Research Speed +5%
Zoland1441:419Build Speed +5%
Zoland1441:689Build Speed +5%

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