Best City Layout Designs in Call of Dragons 

Best City Layout Designs in Call of Dragons 

The city layout is one great thing that you are able to do in Call of Dragons. With a city layout, you can build, design, and decorate your city the way you want. You can change the city layout as much as you want, but keep in mind that it does not have an impact on your defense or power. 

There are a lot of best city layout designs that are simply beautiful and creative. The problem is that we cannot upload them all, and even if we did, there is a chance that you would not like them. So the best place to look for city layouts is the official game social media on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord.

There players are posting their city layouts, and sometimes there will be a city layout competition where you can win some awesome rewards. There are a lot of decorations that you can use, but they cost gems. So if you need some free gems to purchase decorations, you can use Call of Dragons codes

Best City Layouts Designs in Call of Dragons

Here is a list of great city layout designs in Call of Dragons that you can use. If you need more of them, then go to Reddit, Facebook, and Discord. You will 100% find something that you like or get inspiration for creating the best Call of Dragons City Layout.

We will add city layout designs soon, it’s a new game so there is no many available.

City Layout
City layout design by Huy Đinh
City layout design 2
City layout design by Burak Evran
City layout design
City layout design by Glenn Campbell
City layout design 6
City layout design by Moon DAR3A
City layout design 3
City layout design by Shawn Michael
City layout design 4
City layout design by Muhammed Rizwan Rizu
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