Call of Dragons Release Date

Call of Dragons Release Date

The official Call of Dragons release is near. Call of Dragons is almost finished and ready to be released globally. Developers are doing the finishing touches and making sure that gameplay is optimized and that there are no bugs inside a game. We recommend you go on the official Fairlight website and pre-register so you can get free rewards that will boost your progression.

Call of Dragons is quite a challenging and time-consuming game. That is why you do not want to make mistakes at the beginning of your journey. If you want to dominate from the start, be sure to check out the Call of Dragons Tier List and Call of Dragons Talent Tree. Also, read guides and watch YouTube videos where you can learn a lot about the game. If you played Rise of Kingdoms in the past, you will have a lot of knowledge because Rise of Kingdoms and Call of Dragons are extremely similar games.

When is the Call of Dragons release date?

Call of Dragons release date

Call of Dragon’s global release date is March 28, 2023. The game is still in development, so do not be surprised if developers change the date of the official release. At the moment, you can play beta in some regions like Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Can I sign up for the Call of Dragon beta?

Yes, you can sign up for the Call of Dragons beta on the Fairlight website. By signing up for the beta, you will get free rewards. If you pre-register, you will get free rewards when the official launch begins. If you want to play it immediately but are not from the regions where the beta is released, you have to download Call of Dragons for PC and change your region using a VPN. But we recommend you wait for the official global release.

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