New Call of Dragons Update 1.0.13 “Trial of Light”

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

1) Added new Legendary Heroes: Velyn (Magic, PvP, Control) and Kinnara (Marksman, PvP, Control). Both are now available to summon.

2) Added new Artifacts: Wolf-Woman of Haelor, Dragonrift (Legendary); Bomb Flinger, Enchiridion of Advanced Incantations (Epic); Illusory Gems (Elite). All are now available from the Artifact Compendium.

3) Changes to Artifact development:

  • Changed the relationship between Artifacts’ levels and their Star Ratings. You no longer need to increase an Artifact’s Star Rating to max out its level.
  • Buffs granted by Artifact Star Ratings can only be unlocked or increased after the artifact reaches a certain level and Star Rating.
  • Artifact Emblems are now used to ascend Artifacts instead of Essence.
  • Added 4 Ascension Emblems of differing rarity. Ascension Emblems are used to level up an Artifact’s Star Rating. The rarity and Star Rating of the Artifact will determine the rarity of the Emblem required.
  • Added the ability to reforge Artifacts. After reforging, all materials used to increase an Artifact’s Star Rating or Skill Level will be returned to you.
  • Removed the ability to auto-scrap Artifact Emblems. You can now manually scrap Artifact Emblems at the Goblin Market.
  • When the new Season starts, the maximum level and Star Rating an Artifact can achieve will be increased. Certain buffs provided by Artifacts’ Star Ratings will be linked to the Artifact’s Skill Level.

An Even Richer Combat Experience

1) In the interests of improving and rebalancing combat, the following changes have been made to Hero Skills:

  • Liliya‘s Skill “Witchy Wiles” will no longer target Darkling Legions not currently in battle.
  • The Gloom and Freeze effects of Waldyr’s Awakened Skill “Tide of Winter” now last for 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
  • Fixed range issues for Liliya’s Awakened Skill “Burning Blood”, Waldyr‘s Awakened Skill “Tide of Winter”, and Kregg’s Awakened Skill “Biggus Bombus”. Their ranges should now match the ranges of their respective Heroes’ Rage Skills.

2) In the interests of improving and rebalancing combat, the following changes have been made to Artifacts and Artifact Skills:

  • Revised Archery Master’s Manual Artifact Skill “Steady Shot”:
  • Previously: Casts immediately. Your Legion gains Normal Attack Focus, increasing the Crit Rate of their normal attacks by 10%/12%/14%/17%/20% for 20s.
  • Revised: Casts immediately. Your Legion gains Keen, increasing their ATK by 12%/15%/18%/21%/25% for 20s.
  • Revised Spirit Bangle Artifact Skill “Dispel” and renamed it “Cleansing Charm”:
  • Previously: Casts immediately. Removes all debuffs and impairment effects from your Legion and surrounding friendly Legions. Dispel can still be cast while Legions are subject to control effects.
  • Revised: Casts immediately. Removes 1 debuff or impairment effect from up to 5 surrounding friendly Legions. This Artifact Skill can still be cast while Legions are subject to control effects.
  • Changed Fang of Ashkari’s type from (Magic, PvP, Tank) to (All-Rounder, PvP, Tank), changed “Magic Damage Factor” to “Damage Factor”, reduced Rage cost from 1600 to 400, and revised its buff effect:
  • Previously: Level 1—Magic unit DEF +6%, Legion DEF +2%.
  • Revised: Level 1—Legion DEF +9%.
  • 3) Improved mechanisms for effect-removing Skills so they match their corresponding Skill descriptions. Effect-removing Skills and Talents will only remove 1 effect rather than all effects that a target is subject to.
  • Revised Skills include: Pan’s Hero Skill “Dream Omen”, Indis’s Hero Skill “Purge”; Talents “Initial Intuition”, “Auspicious”, and “Autumn Rains”; Breath of the Forest Artifact Skill “Deepwoods Symphony”.
  • 4) When a Rallied Army that has been intercepted enters battle, it can cast any Rage Skills that meet target or range requirements.
  • 5) Improved descriptions for Hero Skills, Talents, and Artifact Skills for greater readability.
  • 6) Added a “Max Unit Count” option to the Preset and Multi-Preset screens. Selecting it will automatically increase a given Preset’s Unit Count to the maximum possible under current Legion Capacity.
  • 7) Reduced attack range of Alliance Siege Towers against enemy Cities by 40%.
  • 8) Improved Behemoth raids. You can now see the threat range of any Behemoth or Behemoth Lair on the map by selecting them.

An Improved Alliance System

1) New Alliance Decree feature:

  • The Alliance Decree section has been added to the Alliance tab on the Mail screen.
  • Only Leaders and titled Officers can issue, edit, and delete Decrees. Other Alliance Members can only view Decrees.
  • You can have 10 active Alliance Decrees and pin 1 Alliance Decree at any one time.
  • You can enable Readiness Checks when issuing Alliance Decrees. Readiness Checks allow Alliance Members to confirm that they are ready, giving you an idea of ongoing preparations for any Alliance activity.
  • You can add coordinates to an Alliance Decree, allowing Alliance Members to instantly view the designated location.

2) Added Behemoth Elite Raids and Timed Raids:

  • Alliances can initiate Elite Raids on Behemoths they already own to strengthen their Behemoths.
  • If it is the first time an Elite Raid has been successful within the time limit on the Server, all participating Alliance Members will receive additional rewards.
  • Improved Alliance Behemoth Tech. Behemoth Techs are now part of the Alliance Tech screen.

More Enjoyable Events & Incredible Story Content

The all-new Trial of Light event is about to begin. Brave warriors must undergo trials to banish the darkness in the name of the Light. Defeat as many Darkling Legions as you can within the time limit

  • 1) Added Season Adventures Chapters 3 and 4 , available from the Tales tab. Voice acting has also been added to Chapters 1 and 2. Discover the story of the land of Tamaris!
  • 2) Added Continental Chronicles for four Regions: Hollendale, Agoru, Lorcan, and Atheran. Explore connected locations to unlock the history of these Regions.
  • 3) Improved visuals for narrative content, bringing the story and characters of Call of Dragons to life.

Other Improvements

  • 1) Changed requirements for obtaining Dark Keys. They can now only be obtained by defeating Level 5+ Darkling Patrols and Dark Creatures.
  • 2) Improved icons for Behemoth Acolytes. Furthermore, you can now only defeat 10 Behemoth Acolytes per day (reduced from 15), but they grant 50% more rewards upon defeat.
  • 3) Improved information display for Manastone. Types, names, and appearance of Manastone have been changed to make them more intuitively distinguishable.
  • 4) Improved display range for resources on the map. You can now more easily check the locations of Resource Points, Darkling Forts, and Darkling Legions on the map.
  • 5) Improved Keystone Copper forging. You can now more conveniently use Keystone Copper to forge Artifact Keys while drawing from Artifact Compendiums.
  • 6) Added starting Avatars for all three Factions. New Lords will receive them as their default Avatars after choosing a faction.
  • 7) Reduced the size of the installation package when downloading from the App Store. Content that does not affect your immediate experience will begin downloading after you open the game.

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