New Call of Dragons Update 1.0.11 “Everything Must Go”

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.11 "Everything Must Go"

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

1) Adjusted the proportion of each resource type required to upgrade buildings. The total resource cost of upgrading will remain the same.

2) Adjusted Quest Rewards for updating buildings. The overall reward amount received will remain the same.

3) Added a limit to daily healing at the Hospital/Herbalist Hut/Shaman Hut. Don’t worry—wounded units who exceed this limit won’t die, they’ll just have to wait until the next day to be healed.

4) Adjusted the use mechanism for the Artifact Greenfinger Sickle. You can now use the Greenfinger Sickle while gathering at Alliance Resource Centers to help gather resources faster.

5) 4 new Legendary Artifacts: Heart of Kamasi, Staff of the Prophet, Bloodblade Banner, and Breath of the Forest. Draw them from the Artifact Compendium and equip your Heroes with them.

An Improved Alliance System

1) Alliances can now set a minimum Power requirement that players must meet before they can send join applications.
2) Added a limit to Alliance Gifts. Alliances can receive up to 100 Common Alliance Gifts per day from Dark Chests. There is no limit to the amount of Alliance Gifts received from Alliance Members buying Bundles at the Market.
3) In the interests of balance, you can only receive one Occupation Reward when purifying Behemoths who confer the same buffs.
4) Legions who participate in building Alliance Resource Centers will automatically begin gathering resources once construction is complete.
5) Increased the required contribution and research time for Alliance Techs “The High Ground” and “Bunker Mentality”.

An Even Richer Combat Experience!

1) Adjusted the Skill range of Vestals, Longleaf Treants, and Satyr Witches, increasing it to the normal attack range of their unit type.

2) Increased the Mana cost of training and healing Level 3 and Level 4 units.

3) Changes to Intercept Mode:

—When deploying Legions against Darkling Patrols, Darkling Guards and Darkling Bandits, the Darkling Legions will enter Intercept Mode. This means that your Legions cannot pass by them, and will be intercepted when they do so, beginning a battle.

—Exception: When Darkling Bandits enter Intercept Mode, this will only apply to Legions who are taking part in Alliance Escorts. Other Legions will not be affected.

More Enjoyable Events

1) There are now weekly sales events at the Goblin Market. Check out the “Everything Must Go!” event to find out more!

2) An army marches on its stomach. Take part in the “No Grain, No Gain” event to help feed the armies of Tamaris and gain rewards!

3) Activating a Ceremonial Mask in the “Eliana’s Crisis” event will no longer grant Sentinel Arrows. Instead, you will receive various Speedup items and resource items. But don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to gain Sentinel Arrows in future events!

4) Participate in the “Email Link Rewards” event to gain 200 Gems!

A More Beautiful Tamaris

1) Improved icons on the main screen.
2) Improved animations for opening Artifact Compendiums, and for using 10 Gold Keys simultaneously.
3) Improved animations for dragging Legions, allowing you to more clearly see your selected destination.

Other Improvements

1) Reduced the size of the installation package, allowing you to immediately experience the game’s core content. The game will continue to download features in the background.

2) Added a new item—Keystone Copper—which allows you to forge Universal Artifact Keys.

3) Reduced the price of the Daily Deals Collection. If you previously purchased a Daily Deals Collection, the price difference will be sent to you as a Coupon.

4) Added Keystone Copper to the Monthly Pack.

5) Goblin Market Changes:

—Reduced the price of Medals when purchased with Gems.

—Fixed display errors for discounts on certain goods.

—You can no longer exchange Seasonal Custom Tokens at the Goblin Market.

6) Removed Universal Artifact Keys from Daily Challenge Chests, and added Epic Hero Tokens and Gems.

7) Changes to Gold Keys:

—Reduced the price of Gold Keys from 1200 Gems to 600 Gems.

—Adjusted the amounts of items granted by Gold Keys.

—After the update, you will be given 1 extra Gold Key for every Gold Key you currently have in your inventory.

8) Changes to Honorary Membership:

—Weekly purchase limit for Epic Hero Tokens has been reduced from 50 to 20.

—Weekly purchase limit for Basic CP Recovery has been reduced from 20 to 7.

—Legendary Hero Tokens have been removed and replaced with corresponding Seasonal Custom Tokens, with a weekly purchase limit of 20.

—Reduced the number of Legendary Hero Tokens that Level 10+ Honorary Members can claim from Daily Gifts; added Keystone Copper to Daily Gifts.

9) Adjusted the amounts and prices of Resource Items and Speedup items in the Merits Store.

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