Golden Roc Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Golden Roc Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Golden Roc is one of the best war pets in Call of Dragons for cavalry units. What makes this pet great is that he will provide +5 rage generation, so cavalry heroes will be able to deal more damage. Also, the majority of cavalry heroes have passion buffs, so Golden Roc will beagle to deal damage. You can also use this pet on any close combat heroes that will benefit from the 5% range generation.

Best Golden Roc Attributes

Each pet in Call of Dragons has six attributes. Each attribute boosts the skills and talents of your pets, so it is crucial to know what the best attributes are so you can create the best version of the pet.

For Golden Roc the main attribute that you should get is agility. Agility is important because it will boost talent skill Exuberance so you can do more damage. The other two attributes that you should get are strength and luck, so you can boost other important skills.

The best attributes for Golden Roc are:

  • Agility
  • Strength 
  • Luck 

Best Golden Roc Skills

There are a lot of different skills for War Pets in Call of Dragons but not all of them are great for Golden Roc. You will use Golden Roc on your cavalry heroes, so your goal is to get skills that will amplify crit chance and damage. There is no point in equipping this pet with survivability skills.

Feral Exuberance Feral Exuberance: Grants your Legion Rage and heals them when casting Exuberance. Rage: +35 Determined by Luck. Healing Factor: 35.

Forceful Exuberance Forceful Exuberance: Exuberance damage dealt +21.33% (determined by Agility).

Outburst of Rage Outburst of Rage: 10% chance to gain an extra 28.78 Rage every second (determined by Agility). Can be triggered once every 8s.

Tooth and Claw Tooth and Claw: Physical War Pet Skill damage dealt +11.47% (determined by Strength).

Poison Gland Poison Gland: Enemy Legion HP Bypass +1.39% (determined by Agility).

Manic Might a Manic Might: Legion Physical ATK +0.5%.

Hit Weakness Hit Weakness: Crit damage +3.79% when Legion deals Physical normal attack damage.

If you do not have suggested skills make sure that you read descriptions of other skills that you have, what heroes you will use with Golden Roc, and what your best attributes are currently on your war pet so you can make a decent combination until you get the best skills for Golden Roc. 

Best Hero Pair For Golden Roc

Golden Roc is a war pet that you will use with cavalry heroes, especially heroes that have passion like Bakshi, Emrys, and Alistair. You can also use it on any close combat DPS hero because they will benefit from 5% rage generation, which is huge. More rage generation means more damage.

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