Call of Dragons Update 1.0.21 “Winter Wonderland”

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.21 “Winter Wonderland”

Version 1.0.21 “Winter Wonderland” will be released on (UTC 2023/12/13). Here are some details on the update:

Winter Wonderland Holiday Events

Winter Wonderland is a 7-day series of events with limited-edition City Themes, Avatar Frames and Nameplates up for grabs!

  1. Winter Decorations: Decorate the sacred forest and receive rewards from the Elven Queen!
  2. Dawngrad Banquet: Put together a feast fit for Heroes!
  3. Treasure Hunt: Collect Treasure Map Fragments to uncover the legendary “Lord of all Treasures”!
  4. Bounty Hunt: Reclaim lost goods for the Merchants’ Guild!
  5. Great Heights: Amid countless trials, surpass your boundaries! Ascend to glory and become the living legend!

New Year Events

Another year is almost over, and a new one’s about to begin. Ring in the new year with these exciting events!

  1. Everything Must Go!: An array of discounts, surprises, and exceptional bargains awaits you in this new year shopping extravaganza!
  2. Vale Society Quiz: Unlock treasures with your knowledge! Join the Vale Society’s quiz event and win rewards prepared by Velyn!

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

War Pet Gameplay Improvements: Changed the way that War Pets learn Skills. You can now choose which War Pet Skills will be replaced. We apologize for any losses that players may incur as a result of this change. We will compensate players as follows:

  • If you have replaced a Skill by learning a new Skill, or used a Skill Card then discarded the result, any 0-Star or 1-Star Skill Cards you used will be refunded for an equivalent amount of Exchange Coins. Any 2-Star or 3-Star
  • Skill Cards you used will be returned to you.

Artifact Improvements: Sorland’s Blade: Targets now take 15% less damage per additional target (previously 25%).

An Even Richer Combat Experience

Hero Skill Improvements: Adjusted Gwanwyn’s Skill Preemptive Strike. Previously: When Gwanwyn’s Legion’s Unit Count is over 60%, her units deal 3% more damage. Now: When Gwanwyn‘s Legion’s Unit Count is over 50%, her units deal 3% more damage.

Skill Description Improvements: Improved Skill descriptions: A description of the concept of “diffused damage” (where each additional target reduces damage taken by targets) has been added to all relevant Skill descriptions. Skills that deal diffused damage include Velyn’s Skill “Frozen Star”, Skogul’s Skill “Bloodsoaked Battle”, and Liliya’s Skill “Flames of Vengeance” and Awakened Skill “Burning Blood”. Artifacts that deal diffused damage include Phoenix Eye, Greymar’s Warhammer, Kingslayer, Shadowblades, Viola’s Bow, Sorland’s Blade, Springs of Silence, Fang of Ashkari, Springblades, Giant’s Bone, Butcher’s Blade, and Centaur Bow.

Defensive Structure Improvements: Reduced Barricades’ Durability and Obstruction effects. Note: In order to improve your gaming experience, we have removed the Barricade feature from Season 2+. Players currently in Season 2+ will no longer be able to build Barricades. All Barricades on the map will be removed and their costs refunded. We will issue compensation to players affected by this change. Players in other Seasons will not be affected.

Peacekeeping Changes: Increased the difficulty of certain low-level Darklings/Dark Creatures and Beasts.

Multi-Legion Combat Improvements: Added a feature that automatically arranges Melee Legions to the front and Ranged Legions to the rear when issuing marching orders.

New Roots of War Observation Feature: In order to improve your experience, Roots of War now includes a brand new observation feature. If your Alliance has registered for Roots of War, all non-combatant Alliance Members will be able to enter the battlefield to observe gameplay, as will Alliance Members who have quit the battle.

An Improved Alliance System

Alliance Keep Improvements: Legions defending Alliance Keeps are now classed as PvP Legions, meaning that any relevant PvP Skills will be activated.

Alliance Help Improvements: Improved the Alliance Help notification system: When getting help, you can see how many help chances are remaining for any buildings under construction or technologies being researched. You can now enter the Alliance Help screen by tapping/clicking the Help icon on the Alliance Center. You can now jump to corresponding technologies being researched or buildings under construction from the Alliance Help screen, allowing you to speed up the research and construction process more easily.

New Alliance Chat Past Messages Feature: You can now see past messages in Alliance Chat after being removed from an Alliance, even if you join a new Alliance. You can now see up to 20 past messages in Alliance Chat when you join a new Alliance.

Other Improvements

Season 2+ “Hearts of Ice” Turret Adjustments: You can now preview a turret’s attack range before placing it, allowing you to determine the best location for it. Upgrading a Turret from Level 5 to Level 6 will now cost 1 Warrant.

Alliance Building Improvements: You can now choose between the original and new methods when choosing a location for Alliance Buildings or relocating. choosing a location for Alliance Buildings or relocating. If you choose the new method, buildings will be fixed to the center of your screen when choosing a location. If you move your viewpoint, the building will also change position.

Merit Display Improvements: You can now hide how many Merits you have from other players until the Augurstone reaches the Merits calculation stage.

Ul Improvements: Improved display for chat windows: You can now view more messages on screen. Improved display for emojis: Accessing the emoji settings page is now more convenient. Improved display for personal information: Icons displaying Heroes and Achievements have been temporarily removed. This feature will be optimized in a future update. Stay tuned!

New Cross-Server Viewing Feature: You can now observe activity on other servers.

“New Feature Unlocked” Notifications: The game will now notify you when you have unlocked a new feature.

New Quick Commands: Added 7 quick commands for Behemoth raids, allowing you to quickly communicate with your fellow Alliance Members.

New Community Links: You can now visit TikTok and Instagram through the Community page. Share your game experiences with friends from around the world

PC Improvements

Dual Logins: You can now log in to two different accounts at once. Press “Start Game” on the launcher to open a second game.

More Resolution Options: You can now select your preferred resolution in Windowed mode by going to the Graphics Settings screen.

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