How to Delete or Unlink a Call of Dragons Account

How to Delete or Unlink a Call of Dragons Account

There are a lot of players in Call of Dragons, and there is a chance that you want to unlink mail from your account or simply want to delete your account. Unfortunately, there is no fast way to delete your account or unlink it from the mail in Call of Dragons. The only way to remove the account is to contact customer support. The reason why this option does not exist in the game is to stop players from selling or stealing accounts.

Steps for Deleting/Unlinking an Account

Steps for Deleting Unlinking an Account in Call of Dragons

There is no fast way to unlink or delete your account, but there is only one method. This method works only if you have a good reason. 

Go to your account settings and click on “Support.” There, you can ask customer support to delete or unlink your account. You have to have a good reason for deleting or unlinking the account, and you will need proof that you are the owner of the account. If the in-game customer support does not work, then you can contact them via official mail that you will find on the Fairlight website. 

If you want to delete or unlink an account because you want to start playing Call of Dragons from a fresh account, simply create a new account on a new server or use different mail. There is a chance that they will implement the delete account option, but when that will be implemented, we do not know. When they implement it, we will update this guide.

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