How to increase power in Call of Dragons 

How to increase power in Call of Dragons 

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to increase the power of your account in Call of Dragons. Having a more powerful account means that you will be able to do events easier, fight other players and dark units, and overall have much more fun.

There are a lot of things that are increasing the power of the account:

By upgrading and getting them, you will increase the power of your account. But in order to upgrade buildings and technology and to get troops, artifacts, and heroes, you have to optimize your gameplay. This guide will explain all the steps that you can take in order to increase your power.

Gather a ton of resources

Gather a ton of resources

In Call of Dragons, you will need resources for all things that increase your power. The amount of resources that you will need is absurd, especially when you get to the end game and you are fighting a lot. So your priority as a new player who wants to increase power is gathering. Level up your gathering heroes so you can build a gathering talent tree.

Create a farm account 

Farm accounts are important because you will use them to fill up your main account with resources. They are simple and easy to create. You do not have to max out everything. All you need for a farm account are gathering heroes and gathering technology.

Do not fight too much as a new player

Do not fight too much as a new player

If you are fighting too much as a new player, that will slow down your progression and power. Fighting requires a lot of resources, so you should be careful and avoid it as a new player. Your main goal as a new player is to get the best technology, troops, and buildings that will increase your power. When you have everything at max or close to max, you can start fighting other players.

Tier 5 troops 

Tier 5 troops are the most powerful units in Call of Dragons, and they are given the most power. That is why we recommend you avoid fighting and focus on progression. 

Spending CP 

Command Power, or short CP, is used to attack dark units and dark forts. You should spend all of them because each time you kill dark units or dark forts, you will get items. Those items will help you increase your power. It’s also worth noting that after the season, you’ll lose all of your CP, so there’s no point in saving them.

Farm gems 

Farm gems Call of Dragons

Gems are the most valuable resource in Call of Dragons, and they are hard to get. With gems, you can do anything, so they are crucial for increasing power, especially when it comes to getting heroes and artifacts. Farm gems as much as you can.

Complete events

There are a lot of events in Call of Dragons that you can complete, and each one of them will give you rewards like speedups, keys, CP, gems, and so much more. So when you see an event, give your best to complete it to get all the rewards.

Join the whale alliance

By joining the Whale Alliance, you have access to Max technology and behemoths that will speed up your progression and power. Also, you will get free chests from the alliance where you can get some speedups and gems.


There are a lot of ways to increase your power in Call of Dragons. There is no magic button that will make you the most powerful player overnight without spending any money. So we recommend you play every day, do all tasks, and most importantly, be patient. Also, make sure that you watch the guide on YouTube or read our beginner’s guide and mistakes to avoid in Call of Dragons. They will definitely help you with increasing power and progression.

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