New Call Of Dragons Update v1.0.7 “Starfall”

New Call Of Dragons Update v1.0.7 "Starfall"

Richer Combat Experience

Improved the Dragon Trail campaign, adding a rewards display page and changing the gameplay of the first 10 Stages to allow you to experience more varied combat. Improved graphics for Legion formations and attacks on the map.

Changes to Darkling Battles

  • Increased refresh density of Darkling Legions on the map.
  • Reduced the difficulty of Darkling Patrols, Dark Creatures, Darkling Guards, and Darkling Forts.
  • Added rewards for destroying Darkling Forts.
    4) Changed damage dealt by certain Behemoth Skills to provide a greater challenge.
    5) Legion composition suggestions are made according to your chosen target.
    6) With each Darkling Legion defeated, the CP cost of consecutive attacks on Darkling Legions is now reduced by 5 each time (up from 2). This effect stacks up to 4 times, up to a maximum reduction of 20 CP.

Smoother Route to Prosperity

  • Wilderburg’s starting Faction Bonus has been changed from Build Engineering to Destruction Engineering, granting them a 10% increase in Engineering when destroying buildings.
    Your initial CP limit is now 1200. Researching the technology Stamina I increases it by 200, and Stamina II increases it by 400.
  • Hero Changes: Heroes of all Rarity levels can now reach Level 60. Increased EXP required to level up a Hero. Changed numerical values for certain Talents.
  • Artifact Changes: Strengthened the Skill effect of Lucia’s Horn. The levels of the Resource Points it refreshes in Alliance territory have been increased as follows: Resource Point minimum level: 4/4/5/6/7, Resource Point max level: 5/6/6/7/7, Reduced Skill Range for Blade of Reproach.
  • Changed military technologies—technologies regarding counterattacks for certain unit types have been merged with technologies regarding Skills for those unit types.
  • Once the Augurstone Stage “Lightbearer” has ended, regardless of whether the Quest was completed, all Lords can form Cross-Region Alliances.
    Prerequisites, time, and Prestige required have been changed for certain Policies. The cost of instantly enacting Policies has been reduced from 100 Gems to 80 Gems.

More Accessible Map

  • Increased the speed and range of Mist exploration for Scouts.
  • Improved system for finding Darklings—terrain obstacles are now taken into account to reduce travel time.
  • Increased rewards for Huge Successes when investigating Caves.
  • Increased rewards for exploring Mercenary Camps and Trader Camps.
  • Reduced the hitbox for Cities, Alliance Towers, and Resource Points on the map, allowing you to more easily find a location when relocating your City or placing Alliance Towers.

An Improved Alliance System

  • Reduced Alliance Points and resources required to build Alliance Towers.
  • Increased the initial member limit for Alliances. It can be increased by researching the technology Divine Covenant.
  • You will now receive 5 Beginner’s Relocation items (up from 3), which will be scrapped when your City reaches Level
  • Players holding Beginner’s Relocation items can search for and join Alliances in all Regions in the Alliance page.
  • Reduced the City level requirement for joining Alliances. You can now join an Alliance from Level 2.
  • Increased the area of territory expanded by Alliance Fortresses and Alliance Towers.
  • Alliance Road Changes
  • Increased the March Speed bonus for Level 1-5 Alliance Roads as follows:
    Before changes: 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%
    After changes: 25%/30%/35%/42%/50%
  • Reduced resources and waiting time required to refresh Alliance Village buffs.

Other Improvments

  • Improved game stability and visual effects on certain devices.
  • Machine translation in Chat now supports multiple lines of text.
  • Reduced the difficulty of escorting Kella’s caravan in Season Adventures Chapter 1 Story 1 “Stone Turned to Gold”.
  • Increased Trust gained by talking to Heroes.
  • Increased rewards for Eliana’s Crisis event. Defeating Dark Eliana’s Army will grant Tactics Manuals.
  • Daily Challenges available during Titan’s Legacy increased from 7 to 8.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to receive treasure after collecting Treasure Map Fragments.
    Thank you for supporting Call of Dragons, and please enjoy the game!
    Call of Dragons Operating Team

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