Call of Dragons Season Reset Guide

Call of Dragons Season Reset Guide

In Call of Dragons after a few months, it will start a new season and a lot of your progression will be reset. Most importantly you will keep all your City and building levels, Hero Skills/Star rating, and resources. Your performance will be calculated at the end of each Season.

Now the game is relatively new and a lot of things will change with time. We think that server reseats are great and they will help Free to Play players. Also, server reseats will bring more action and fighting to take territory. In other games there are events called kingdom vs kingdom like in Rise Of Kingdoms where you will fight for 1 month then there is a lot of waiting time until the new kingdom vs kingdoms event so players call it a farming simulator. 

Call of Dragons Season Reset

Now the only downside that we can see is that a lot of players do not have time to level their artifacts and commander again. But we will see how good server reseat will be. Make sure that you visit the official discord server and give your opinion and suggestion on Season reseat.

Heroes and Artifacts reset

How to Upgrade call of dragons

This reset means that you will lose all your levels on your heroes and artifacts. So you will have to kill Darkling Patrols and Dark Creatures to get resources for upgrading levels. 

  • All Heroes will be reset to Level 1. All unused Tactics Manuals will be scrapped for other items.
  • All Artifacts will be reset to Level 1. All unused Arcane Dust will be scrapped for other items.

All Policies enacted will be reset

All Policies enacted will be reset in Call Of Dragons

All your research in Internal Affairs will be reset so you will do all the research again.  So at the start of the season reset you will have to destroy a lot of Darklink Patrols and Dark Creatures to get prestige so you can unlock technology again. 

Your Alliance will disband. 

For the first week after the beginning of the new Season, the Alliance Leader will have the exclusive right to reuse the name/abbreviation of the Alliance. Now, an alliance disbanding can be a great and bad thing. Great is because there will not be one alliance that will rule the server all the time, new alliances will have a chance to rule. Bad thing is that if you have a team you have to rebuild your alliance over and over. 

At the end of the day, most of the players will join the same alliance that they were in before the end of the season. We will see how this feature will work. 

What you will keep after the season reset

Command Points will be restored. Medical supplies for severely wounded Legions will be scrapped for other items. This is great because there will not be a player who will dominate the state and be able to heal absurd amounts of troops. Progress in other areas such as City and Building levels, Hero Skills/Star Ratings, resources, and items will not be reset. This is great because you will not lose your main progression which takes so much time and effort to do. 

New season Guide

After the season reset in Call of Dragons you will lose a lot of progress, so it is crucial to know what you should focus on.

Policy: It is crucial to upgrade policies as much as you can at the beginning. Your main goal should be researching Military Expansion 3 and healing tech so you can fight darkling units easier, which will give you valuable resources for leveling heroes and artifacts. Also, it is important if you are planning to do some PVP activities.

Heroes: All hero levels will be reset to level 1. You can not level up all your heroes at once, it is not efficient. So make sure that you choose the five best heroes that you will level up. We recommend that you have at least one tank, and the rest should be range units if you are a free-to-play player. Also make sure that you level up your heroes by gathering, if you are not familiar with this method, you can find an explanation of how it works in our hero leveling guide.

Artifacts: All your artifacts will also get reset at the end of the season, so you will have to level them up again. There are a lot of different artifacts available in the game, and not all of them are that great. Make sure that you choose artifacts that are for fighting and that they have synergy with heroes that you will level up.

Dragon Trail: In Dragon Trail, you will earn a lot of rewards and experiences for leveling artifacts and heroes. It will definitely speed up the leveling of your heroes and artifacts and your overall progression. There are a lot of stages in Dragon Trail, and you will not be able to do all of them at the start of a new season, but you have to push it as much as you can if you want to get your heroes and artifacts to max level fast.

Season Reset Crystal Store

Season Reset Crystal Store

After the season reset, you will be able to purchase different items using crystals. The amount of crystals that you will have depends on how well you performed in the season that ended. The best items that you can purchase in the crystal store are legendary hero tokens, legendary artifacts, treaties ( if your rally building is not at max level), and prestige that will help you level up your policies at the start of the new season. 

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27 thoughts on “Call of Dragons Season Reset Guide”

    1. Despite all the supposedly positive aspects of the reset, we know very well that resets are because the game has very little content, which would prevent you from extracting money from players. After such a reset, the whales have to add money to the game again, and so on. So stop lying it’s for the good of the players just call it what it is: hardcore p2w with recurring expenses. As this developer has something to do with Lilith, I know for sure that this is just the beginning of extracting money from players, but in a beautiful bi style, progress will be reset and you have to spend money on the same things. The worst game model for everyone. I do not recommend.

      1. Certainly not the worst game model. In fact, I’m sure many players will enjoy the season reset – like myself.

      2. I don’t agree with your opinion. reset makes whales to spend again, agreee. But for F2P and low spenders, the impact of a reset is way lower than for whales, so it gives more opportunity to grow and catch up higher players. F2P cannot have liliya for example but they can eventually have many other good heroes.

        Regarding content, it’s a matter of preference. I do prefer a low season content game rather a game that just keeps adding stuff and after some time, the game has nothing to do with the original purpose.

        Try play State of Survival to see what a P2W game is really like. a single feature worthing more than 50k€, and there are many features to spend in. Not talking about the game scope which started as zoombie apocalypse and has now mutant monkeys, dinossaurs and astrology events, or allien minerals/mushrooms.

  1. I just read this and I am very disappointed. I think it would be better to expand your vitual world so that it would be easier to survive with a weaker alliance. But this reset idea is stupid. Sorry but I will not invest in this madness anymore. Time to delete this game….

  2. Nah. I’m done. Account will be deleted. Got my citadel to level 17 and almost maxed everything in the Hero levels and Policies. The entire reset is just designed to make us buy more gems again, don’t swallow the BS that it’s helping Free to Play players. Buh bye, no more money from me or a hoard of other people I know who will leave.

  3. OMG are you kidding my merits will be reset????? So there is nothing showing that Im a strong fighter and that I fight hard? My artifact skill level will be reset so all the packs i bought for the forge event to get my artifact skill level up thats going to be gone?????? How dumb am I for having bought all these packs Im not spending another dime on this game and am DONE after season 1 is over

  4. Reading this I’m actually sick. What’s the point of even grinding for anything if it all gets lost eventually. All in the name of “helping the free to play” yeah right. I’m free to play and have advanced just with time and effort, why would anyone want to backtrack after all the hard work they’ve put into this game? The developers should highly consider focusing less on a story and lore that most people probably do not care about, NOT resetting hero levels, and artifacts levels. And should work on improving other things in the game.

  5. I’m in season 1 so when I go to season 2 it’s like kvk? And when I go back do I go back to the old map

  6. Sadly, as a first time ftp senior-aged player, this is confusing. I’m unlikely to return after all those hours and work. I used this with grief therapy, to engage with strangers in a safe way. This play was a tribute to my murdered fifteen year old grandson who loved these types of games, to join and trust my alliance. It took a lot out of me to learn and progress. It feels like a loss, and despite that being a silly kind of loss…it’s another loss after hours of play.

  7. Well, am a new player, I like the game, but if this is true, press, delete, deleted, done, gone, moving to the next game.

  8. I think, this reset is a scam, being that I as well as hundreds of other players have spent real money to gain clout in a game that will just reset and chalk the money for the progress that is important!!! Honestly I seriously doubt I will be interested in spending another dollar on a game that just resets where I’ve paid to be!!! Change the name to call of the black hole, since that’s where our money has taken us

    1. Every bit of reset progress is from items you grind, not items you purchase. You don’t purchase Xp or dragon trail xp. Nothing you paid for gets reset and you literally keep all of your progress in buildings and research.

  9. So for me this means only spend gems on levelling up research and membership level. In the bazar I’m on membership lvl 8 and my research is almost ready to reach wildrerhall lvl 21 and t4 troops in research. These won’t reset if I read above correctly.
    Also keep all the character and artifacts, although they will need retraining and levelling.

    It’s astonishing that anyone who purchased packs with real life money would loose it. Surely the developers should understand this is VERY wrong. It’s similar to being mugged of you money and phone in the high street !

  10. I will continue to play. I have a wonderful alliance of friends, and we are looking forward to seeing the new things that S2 will bring.

  11. This DOES NOT help F2P players… If anything, it’s a slap in the face to them. Someone dedicates an extraordinary amount of time and effort to keep pace and stay in the same realm of existence with the spenders… Then you say “Welp, hope you had fun on your grind! Cause you have to do it all over again! Or… you could just drop a little $$$ to ease the pain…” Absolutely disgusting predatory move by Farlight… Hope they decide to rethink this tactic going into Season 2, or they are going to lose a large number of people that decided to give them one last chance.

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