Shadow Faedrake Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Shadow Faedrake Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

The Shadow Faedrake is a decent pet in Call of Dragons. What is great about Shadow Faedrake is that he is dealing magic damage from a far distance. Because of his skills, you can use him with any magic damage range hero. Shadow Faedrake is great if you are fighting 1vs1 and focusing on a single target in a big fight.

Best Shadow Faedrake Attributes

Each pet in Call of Dragons has six attributes. Each attribute boosts the skills and talents of your pets, so it is crucial to know what the best attributes are so you can create the best version of the pet.

For Shadow Faedrake the main attribute that you should get is Intelligence. Intelligence important because it will boost main skill so you can do more damage to enemy units. The other two attributes that you should get are Spirit and Luck, so you can boost other important skills.

The best attributes for Shadow Faedrake are:

  • Intelligence
  • Spirit
  • Luck

Best Shadow Faedrake Skills

Shadow Faedrake is this magic war pet that’s all about doing some serious damage from a distance. It’s got this main move called Shadow Hunter that not only hits hard but also slaps this debuff on enemies so they take even more damage afterward. It’s all about intelligence stats here, meaning the smarter your pet, the harder it hits.

You’ve got your Shadow Hunter skill, which main. But then there’s this upgraded version called Forceful Shadow Hunter. If you can, definitely aim to get this skill up to two stars because it seriously ups your damage game. More damage, more fun.

Next, you’ll wanna look into this skill called Followup. It’s like the perfect sidekick to Shadow Hunter because it keeps the damage bonus going longer. Later in the season, keep an eye out for Enduring Shadow Hunter. This one’s a game-changer because it extends the debuff duration based on your spirit stats. So, yeah, getting your spirit up is a big deal for this build.

Skills like Resonance and Light’s Guidance can boost your magic damage, which is always nice. And if you’re into crits, Magic Spirit and Magic Fortune are your go-tos for upping crit damage and rate. If you’re pairing the Faedrake with Thea, definitely grab Hard Wall. It makes a huge difference by speeding up how fast you get those attack boosts

Enduring Shadow Hunter Enduring Shadow Hunter: Increases duration of Shadow Hunter’s Captive effect. Every 75 Spirit extends the duration by 1s.

Forceful Shadow Hunter Forceful Shadow Hunter: Shadow Hunter damage +20.67% (determined by Intelligence).

Follow Up Follow up: 40% chance to cast a War Pet Magic Rage Skill again 2s after 1st casting. Damage/healing/shield effect is 25.83% of the 1st casting (determined by Intelligence). Can be triggered once every 3s.

Resonance Resonance: War Pet Magic Skill damage dealt +10.33% (determined by Spirit).

Magic Spirits Magic Spirits: Crit damage +34.41% when Legion deals Magic War Pet Skill damage (determined by Spirit).

Magic Fortune Magic Fortune: Crit Rate +17.7% when Legion deals Magic War Pet Skill damage (determined by Luck)..

If you do not have suggested skills make sure that you read description of other skills that you have and what your best attributes are currently on your war pet so you can make a decent combination until you get the best skills for Shadow Faedrake. 

Best Hero Pair For Shadow Faedrake

Works with pretty much any hero. Liliya, Velyn, Theia, you name it. Perfect for taking on other players one-on-one and just dominating in fights. At the end of the day, it all depends on your in-game situation.

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