Bruin Bear Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Bruin Bear Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

The Bruin Bear is a great pet in Call of Dragons. What is great about Bruin Bear is that you can use him with any infantry hero. Because of his skill in design, it is best that you use him with Skogul . Bruin Bear and Skogul have great synergy together.

The Bruin Bear has a rage skill called Quickening that stacks this thing called Barbed Mark on enemy legions. Max stacks are three, and when Skogul does her thing with rage to do damage. It’s all physical damage, and the more stacks, the more nuke you dish out.

Best Bruin Bear Attributes

Each pet in Call of Dragons has six attributes. Each attribute boosts the skills and talents of your pets, so it is crucial to know what the best attributes are so you can create the best version of the pet.

For Bruin Bear the main attribute that you should get is Strength. Strength important because it will boost main skill of this war pet so you can do more damage to enemy units. The other two attributes that you should get are Endurance and Agility, so you can boost other important skills.

The best attributes for Bruin Bear are:

  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Endurance

Best Bruin Bear Skills

So for the pet skill build, it’s all about making Quickening go off like crazy. You start with Quickening, then add some Forceful Quickening and Terrible Quickening to beef it up. There’s also Angry Roar and Blood Roar for crits, and don’t forget Fatal Bite and Tooth and Claw for more damage. It’s like turning the Brewing Bear into a total war machine. And if you’re smart with your pet’s agility, you can stack Barbed Marks even higher. It’s all about the combos here, making sure each skill supports the next for maximum damage. Oh, and you can choose between Chain Strike or The Counter Strike at the end, kinda depends on what you’re feeling.

Forceful Quickening Forceful Quickening: Quickening damage dealt +15.08% (determined by Endurance).

Terrible Quickening Terrible Quickening: Increases the max stacks of Barbed Mark inflicted by Quickening. Every 97 Agility increases max stacks by 1.

Angry Roar Angry Roar: Crit Rate +17.81% when a War Pet Skill deals Physical damage.

Fatal Bite Fatal Bite: Crit damage +38.19% when a War Pet Skill deals Physical damage.

Blood Roar Blood Roar: Crit Rate +17.7% when a War Pet Skill deals Physical damage.

If you do not have suggested skills make sure that you read description of other skills that you have and what your best attributes are currently on your war pet so you can make a decent combination until you get the best skills for Bruin Bear. 

Best Hero Pair For Bruin Bear

Works with pretty much any infantry hero. It is best that you use Bruin Bear with Skogul because they have so much synergy so it will be a waste no to pair them together. If you do not have Skogul then focus on other war pets.

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