Policies Guide – Best policies in Call of Dragons

Policies Guide - Best policies in Call of Dragons

One of the most important things you will have to do in Call of Dragons is research policies. With policies, you will be able to additionally increase your military and economic strength. Keep in mind that policies are different from technology because when the season ends in Call Of Dragons, your policies will be reset while your technology will not.

There are a lot of different policies that you can research, so we will explain which ones are most powerful so you can benefit the most and research them as quickly as you can.

What policies to research 

What policies to research in Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, policies are divided into two categories: military and economic. The top policies are military, and the bottom ones are economic. What you research in Policies is determined by your goal and what you do in the game. We will explain what is best and what policies you should focus on. 

When policies get reset, you should start researching the bottom row. The reason is that it will increase your experience, so you can level up your heroes and artifacts faster. This is extremely important to research because it will speed up the leveling of your heroes and artifacts, which will be at level 0 at the start of the new season. You want to max out your heroes and artifacts as soon as possible in order to progress even faster and clear more content. 

Another important policy research that you must conduct is Healthcare Reforms in order to increase your elixir healing, which is extremely beneficial because you will be attacking a lot of darklings during the season.

After you get Targeted Tactics, War Studies, Artifact Expertise, and Healthcare Reforms on 5+ levels, you can start increasing your military power. 

There is no perfect Policies tree or path that you can take. For each player, it is different and depends on playstyle, goal, what you need, what type of units you are using, etc. 

The most important Policies that every single player should research and get on max are policies that are increasing Legion Capacity. What Legion Capacity does is allows you to bring more units with your hero, which means that your hero will be able to deal more damage. This is also beneficial for defending objectives. There are three that you can research, so do your best to do them, especially if you are fighting and doing a lot of PVP content. 

How to get prestige for policies

How to get prestige for policies

The best way to get a lot of policies is by generating them in Dragon Trail. In Dragon Trail, you will generate a certain amount of prestige each hour. How much you will generate depends on how many stages you complete. So make sure that you complete as many stages as you can because each time you complete one you will get fix number of prestige and your production rate of prestige will also be increased.

So after the new season starts, go to the Dragon Trail and complete as many stages as you can, and keep trying each day. 


Policies are important and not that hard to research. Before you begin researching them, make a plan for what content you will do, what units you will use, what heroes you will use, whether you will fight a lot, and so on.

Even if you make a mistake, you will be able to fix your policies after the season reset. Also, make sure that you do the Dragon’s Trail as much as you can to get the prestige that is needed to start researching policies. Do not forget to redeem codes that will help you out with progression.

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