Vale Society Quiz Event Answers 2024

Vale Society Quiz Event Answers

Vale Society Quiz is an Event in Call of Dragons where you have to answer 10 questions correctly. If you answer correctly on all questions you will get rewards like resources and speedups but most importantly you will get a legendary hero token.

During the Vale Society Quiz event, you will have the chance to answer 10 questions each day. Complete event quests to gain more chances to answer questions. You can use these chances to retry any questions you answered incorrectly. Your question progress and rewards will be reset daily, so make sure that you complete them before the server resets.

Down below, you will find all the Vale Society Quiz questions that are available and the correct answers to them, so you can answer all 10 questions correctly. When you answer all questions correctly you will be able to claim rewards.

Vale Society Quiz Questions and Answers Day 3

What is Sapphire Faedrake’s favorite gift?Amethyst
Which of the following descriptions of Magma Daemon is incorrect?It is formed of 3 Behemoths
Which Of the following is a League Of Order Marksman unit?Ballistas
How do you obtain gifts for War Pets?Cleaning Pet Sanctuary and gift draws
Which War Pet has the worst temper?Berserk Faedrake
Which of the following decorative items is not available in the game?Terrain Change Card
Which of the following locations cannot be discovered by your Scouts as they explore the Mist?Scout Camps
Where Frostbears come from? Snowy Caves
How many War Pets can accompany a Legion into battle?1
Which Of the following Skills is not available for War Pets?Rage Skill

Vale Society Quiz Questions and Answers Day 2

What is Keila’s nickname?Savvy Trader
What Springwarden organization is Velyn from?The Vale Society
Which of the following abbeys was rebuilt after Humankind’s western migration?Forerunners’ Abbey
The Augurstone records history and foretells the future. But what cannot be found on the Augurstone?Season Stories
Which Of the following is NOT a Giant Bear skill?King of the Giants
How many Scouts can you have?3
Which Of races has the longest lifespan?Longleaf Treant
Which of the following Heroes has been called “Madam Sorceress”?Liliya
How do you obtain Pet Tokens?Any of these actions
Which Of the following keys cannot be used at your Tavern?Dark Key

Vale Society Quiz Questions and Answers Day 1

What is the reward for defeating Darkling Legions during the Eliana’s Crisis event?Ceremonial Mask
What is the reward for joining your first Alliance?Gems
Waldyr has a family member who also studies magic. How are they related?Older brother/younger sister
Which of the following Heroes is by the orphans at the Orphanage of the Holy Light?Eliana
What does Alwyn do best?Poisons
Which human family is closest to the United Merchants’ Guild of Tegar?House Laegar
Which of these unit types has an advantage against Infantry units?Magic units
What does Garwood have on his arm?Lifestone
What creature did the Orcs of Wilderburg train that greatly strengthened their forces before the Battle of the Hexwood?Wyvern
Which of the following is not a War Pet?Direbear
Vale Society Quiz Event
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