Call of Dragons Increasing Member Limit Guide

Call of Dragons Increasing Member Limit Guide

Alliance is important in Call of Dragons, so it is important to know how to increase alliance member limits. With more alliance members, the alliance will be more powerful, and members will be able to progress faster. When you create an alliance in Call of Dragons, it can only have 40 members, but with different technology and building, the alliance member count can go over 100. There are 4 ways to increase your alliance members’ limit, and in this guide, we will cover all the ways. Now we are not sure what the maximum number of members that alliance can have is, but is it around 150 when all things are maxed out.

Alliance Tech

Alliance Tech

Each alliance has the technology, and in that technology, there is research for increasing the alliance member count. So by researching and upgrading that technology, your alliance member limit will be increased. The more members you have, the faster you will research it.

Alliance Core Fortress

alliance Fortress call of dragons

Alliance Core Fortress is the main fortress that each alliance can build. When the alliance builds it will increase the member limit by 10. You can also build 2 additional fortresses that will also increase your member limit, but the alliance core fortresses are the most important. That is why it is important that every new alliance builds a core fortress as soon as possible so it can get more members, which means further progression.

Alliance Towers

Alliance Siege Towers

Alliance Towers is another way to increase your member count. When your alliance builds 10 towers, it will gain one additional member spot. You can build a lot of alliance towers but their price also increases after 10 of them. So it will take you some time to build all the flags available. If your alliance is active, you can easily build over 300 towers, which means that it can get 30 new members.

Behemoth Bonus

Behemoths call of dragons

There are a lot of Behemoths available in Call of Dragons and each time your alliance captures one, it will get additional bonuses and stats. One of the stats that it can get is an increase in the alliance member limit. So make sure that your alliance captures Behemoths as many behemoths as possible.

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