Call of Dragons Hero Token Requirements

Call of Dragons Hero Token Requirements

Hero tokens in Call of Dragons are items that are used for upgrading heroes’ skills. Every two times that you upgrade your hero skill, token requirements will go up. The total token requirement to upgrade legendary heroes is 690 tokens, for epic is 340, and for the elite is 240. There are three different rarities of tokens: legendary, epic, and elite, and there are two categories: universal hero tokens and specific hero tokens.

Tokens are extremely important if you want to have strong heroes, so your main focus from day one is to get as many tokens as possible, especially legendary hero tokens. To summon heroes, you will need 10 tokens, and then you can start upgrading the hero’s skills and levels.

When you are upgrading the hero skill, you want to get the first skill to max level because it is the strongest. So do not level up your hero until you have enough tokens to max out his first skill. After you’ve maxed it out, you can level it up as much as you want to get all points for talent tree.

It is not that hard to get elite and epic tokens because they are part of the rewards from most in-game activities, but getting legendary tokens is extremely hard, and there is a limited number of them. 

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In total, you will need 690 legendary hero tokens in order to max out a legendary hero. The problem with legendary hero tokens is that there is a limited number that you can get from events, and the requirements that you need to max legendary heroes are high. So you should focus on using legendary tokens on only the best heroes in Call of Dragons.

Legendary hero tokens

Legendary hero tokens

You will need a lot of legendary hero tokens, and they are harder to get when compared to other tokens. So you want to optimize your gameplay and do everything that you can to get as many legendary hero tokens as you can. 

Legendary tokens are divided into two categories:

  • Universal legendary tokens: Universal legendary tokens are great because you can use them on any legendary hero to upgrade their skills.
  • Specific legendary tokens: They can only be used for that specific hero. The problem with this token is that when you max out heroes, you are no longer able to use them. Also, you cannot focus on one hero because, in most cases, specific legendary tokens are random.

How to Get Legendary Hero Tokens

How to Get Legendary Hero Tokens

If you are a free-to-play player, you will definitely struggle with legendary tokens. Tokens can only be obtained through three methods: events, VIP/Honor, and purchasing bundles.

VIP/Honor: Your first priority should be to reach VIP/Honor Level 8. On level 8, you will get free legendary hero tokens each day. With time, you will accumulate a lot of them. So make sure that you append all your gems to VIP/Honor. You can farm gems, get them from events, and obtain a few of them using Call of Dragons codes.

Bundles: there are a lot of different bundles in Call of Dragons. They are not the same, and not all of them will give you a legendary token. Bundles are quite expensive, and it is up to you if you want to spend money on them.

Events: There are a huge number of different events in Call of Dragons that you can complete. Some events will have legendary hero tokens as part of the rewards, and you want to do your best to complete them, especially if you are a free-to-play player.

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