Call of Dragons Stamina Guide

Call of Dragons Stamina Guide

Stamina is energy that your hero will use when you are attacking enemy players. The first time a hero attacks another Lord’s Legion, garrisons a building, or launches or joins a rallied army after leaving your city, this will cost 10 stamina. If you recall your hero back to city hall, you will have to spend 10 stamina again in order to attack. While your hero is out of the city, you can attack as much as you can, it will not use stamina again. 

Destroying enemy buildings will also gradually consume stamina. Stamina will recover over time. When a hero has less than 10 stamina remaining, they are unable to leave the city.

How to get more stamina

Currently, in Call of Dragons, there is no way to increase stamina or get items that give stamina. You are limited, so you have to be extremely careful how you are using it. There is a chance that it will be implemented in the game, and if that happens, we will update the guide.

Stamina is Good and Bad 

Stamina is Good and Bad 

Stamina is good but at the same time bad. It is good to have limited stamina because players who are spending a lot of money are limited on how many times they can use OP heroes. So basically, this is some kind of free-to-play system. With this system, alliances and players will have to plan how they will use heroes and when to attack. 

Now it is bad because it limits players on how much they can do PVP content. Once you spend all your stamina on heroes, you can no longer fight. This is bad news for some dedicated players who want to play all the time.

Overall, we think that this is a great system to limit players who are spending money and have a huge advantage over free-to-play players. In the end, the majority of players do not have time to spend the whole day fighting other players.

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  1. Once there are more heroes in the game the whales with have them being able to change to another Hero when running out of stamina, so isn’t so true that stamina is to balance the game between P2Win, F2Play, and P2Play players. For example there are already 4 marksman héroes… that not everyone can have and upgrade fast besides money expenders.

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