City Hall Upgrade Requirements, Costs and Rewards

Hall of Order Upgrade Requirements, Costs and Rewards

The City Hall is the most important building heart of your City in Call of Dragons and the reason is that it is the foundation for all other buildings. It plays an important function, and has an effect on the scope of construction, the gathering of resources, researching technology and training Legions. Upgrade the City Hall to increase your power and influence.

You have to focus on City Hall and get it on the max level as soon as possible because it will give you additional march dispatches and troop capacity which is incredibly crucial if you want to get tier 5 units and overall progress faster. Resources and time for upgrading City Hall are incredibly high but with time and effort, you will be able to max it out. 

City Hall Guide
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City Hall Upgrade Requirements and Cost in Call of Dragons

City Hall LevelRequirementsCostTimePowerLegion CapacityLegion Queue
2 None3.5k Gold/Wood2s9010001
3None6.5k Gold/Wood5m12015001
4Lv.3 Wall11.8k Gold/Wood20m15420002
5Lv.4 Wall21.3k Gold/Wood1h38325002
6Lv.5 Wall36.3k Gold/Wood, 12k Stone2h85230002
7Lv.6 Wall54.4k Gold/Wood, 19.2k Stone5h184735002
8Lv.7 Wall81.8k Gold/Wood, 30.8k Stone10h370640002
9Lv.8 Wall122.8k Gold/Wood, 49.2k Stone15h650445002
10Lv.9 Wall184.3k Gold/Wood, 78.7k Stone22h1093350002
11Lv.10 Wall277.5k Gold/Wood, 120k Stone1d 6h1672355003
12Lv.11 Wall417.5k Gold/Wood, 180k Stone1d 16h2469360003
13Lv.12 Wall627.5k Gold/Wood, 270k Stone2d 2h3521365003
14Lv.13 Wall942.5k Gold/Wood, 405k Stone2d 12h4883870003
15Lv.14 Wall1.4m Gold/Wood, 607.5k Stone2d 22h6640075003
16Lv.15 Wall2.1m Gold/Wood, 912.5k Stone4d9145180003
17Lv.16 Wall3.2m Gold/Wood, 1.4m Stone4d 20h12500585004
18Lv.17 Wall4.8m Gold/Wood, 2.1m Stone5d 20h17059090004
19Lv.18 Wall7.2m Gold/Wood, 3.1m Stone7d23295795004
20Lv.19 Wall10.8m Gold/Wood, 4.7m Stone8d 6h318769100004
21Lv.20 Wall16.2m Gold/Wood, 7m Stone11d442735105004
22Lv.21 Wall24.3m Gold/Wood, 10.6m Stone17d 3h630860110005
23Lv.22 Wall36.5m Gold/Wood, 15.9m Stone23d 23h907085115005
24Lv.23 Wall54.8m Gold/Wood, 24m Stone36d1322480120005
25Lv.24 Wall82.2m Gold/Wood, 36m Stone, Blueprint126d 8h2195458125005

To upgrade the City Hall you will need resources and have all other buildings on the same level as the City Hall. We are currently collecting how much each level will cost in terms of resources and time and once we collect for all levels we will upload the list so stay tuned. 

Why you should upgrade City Hall

Why you should upgrade Hall of Order 1

There are a lot of benefits that you will get from upgrading the City Hall in Call of Dragon. It will overall boost your power and progression. Make sure that you redeem all codes if you need additional speedups and resources for upgrading. 

The benefits of upgrading the City Hall are:

Able to upgrade other important buildings- you will have to upgrade the City Hall in order to upgrade other important buildings like the College of Order and hospital. They are crucial for your overall progression. 

Events- there are events in Call Of Dragons where you will have to meet City Hall level requirements in order to participate. 

Growth Found – each time you upgrade City Hall you will unlock one level in Growth Found that will give you a good amount of gems. The only problem is that you have to purchase Growth Found

More troop dispatches- In total, you will be able to have 5 troop dispatches which will help you a lot in fighting and gathering resources.

Troop Capacity- Each level of City Hall that you upgrade will increase the number of troops that your hero can have with them. More troops you have, the more damage you will deal. Once you get max capacity make sure that you check out the Call of Dragons tier list so you can use dominate.

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