Call of Dragons Technology Guide and Tips

Call of Dragons Technology Guide and Tips

In Call of Dragons, technology is the most important thing you will research. The reason is that technology will give you a lot of benefits, like increasing the strength of your troops, increasing your gathering speed, increasing your troop training, unlocking a new tier of units, and so much more. The problem with technology is that you will need a lot of speedups and wait a lot of time in order to max out everything. How fast you will research all of the technology depends on how active you are and whether you are a pay-to-win or free-to-play player.

In this guide about technology in Call of Dragons, we will explain everything that you need to know in order to get Tier 4 and Tier 5 units faster, which will make you stronger.

The best way to research technology

The best way to research technology

In Call of Dragons, technology is divided into two categories: economic and military. Each one of them has a lot of different things that you can research. The ones on the right side will take a lot of time; some will even take 100 days.

The first thing you should do as a new player in Call of Dragons is focus on Economy tech. The reason is that it will increase your resource production, reduce the time needed to complete technology, increase your experience, etc.

You do not have to research max level 1, gold mining level 1, architecture level 1, etc, because you will get them when you are scouting villages. You will get all of them for free, so do not spend too much time on them. 

Now your main focus in Economy Tech is to research technology that will reduce research speed, like Scholarship 1. When you get them at max level, you can start focusing on military technology and getting Tier 4 units.

When you start researching military technology, you want to do only requirements. There is no point in researching all the way to the max level to get Tier 4. When you get to tier 4 units, you can research what you need because you will need everything in the economy and military at max level in order to unlock tier 5 units. 

How to increase technology research speed

How to increase technology research speed

Second research queue: This is the most important thing that you have to get in order to research technology. It will basically double your research speed. Now in order to get a second research queue, you will have to increase your Honor/VIP to level 8. 

Honor/VIP level: As we said, you will unlock the second research queue on level 8, but you will also get a research speed boost, which means that you will be able to research technology much faster. So make sure to get at least level 8. 

Alliance Technology: you want to join an alliance that is active and that has a lot of alliance technology done. They will accelerate your overall progress and reduce the amount of time spent on research. Also, if the alliance that you are in is pay-to-win, you will get a lot of chests for free that contain research and universal speedups that will additionally speed up your research time. 

Upgrade the research building

Upgrade the research building: When you upgrade the research building, you will get a research boost that will reduce the time needed to research technology. So upgrade it as much as you can.

Be active: The best way to increase your research speed is to be active. This means that you have to complete every single event and quest that will give you speedups. With speedups, you will save so much time and speed up your overall progression. 


Researching technology is the most important but also hardest thing that you will do in Call of Dragons. The time needed to get all tech on max is insane but with time you will be able to get everything on max. Just be active, focus on completing events, and do every single thing that reduces research time.

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