Crucible of Courage Event Guide

Crucible of Courage Event Guide

Crucible of Courage is an event in Call of Dragons where you can get extremely good rewards by completing levels and fighting dark creatures. Currently, there are 30 levels in the Crucible of Courage, but there will be more implemented in the future.

Every player should complete The Crucible of Courage, especially free-to-play players. The reason is that you will get legendary hero tokens that are extremely rare and hard to get. It can be quite hard to complete all the stages if you’re a new player but we will share tips and tricks that will definitely help you out.

About Crucible of Courage Event 

About Crucible of Courage Event 

When you activate a level in Crucible of Courage, dark creatures will spawn near your city. In order to complete the level, you will have to defeat them. After you defeat them, you can start the next level. Keep in mind that you will need CP to attack dark creatures. 

What is great about this event is that you can use all 5 set of troops to attack dark creatures. If you are struggling, losing a lot of troops, or unable to complete a certain level you can always create a rally. With a rally, your alliance member can help you defeat it. The only downside is that it will cost more CP

The rewards for this event are extremely good. You will get a lot of speedups, resources, keys, and most importantly, legendary hero tokens. You will also get a lot of arcane dust. You are fighting against elite dark creatures, and after you defeat them, they will drop a lot of arcane dust. 

Preparation for Crucible of Courage

It is extremely important that you prepare your troops and buffs before you start the Crucible of Courage event. With good preparation, you will increase your chance of completing the event, and you will have fewer troops in the hospital. 

Make sure that you save your troops’ layout so you can send them to attack faster. This is important because when your troops get low, simply send them back to the city and attack again. Just make sure that you leave at least one set of troops attacking a dark creature. If you do not leave one set of troops, the Dark creature will restart, and you will have to attack it again. If you are struggling, ask your alliance to help you. 

To get more damage for Crucible of Courage: 

  • Manastone: Look around the behemoth layers to see if there is any attack rune.
  • Boost damage items: if you have one, make sure that you activate it.
  • Artifacts: Put strong DPS artifacts on your hero.
  • Alliance Title: Ask your alliance leader to give you the DMG title.
  • Talent tree: use the correct talent tree build for heroes.

Best Heroes for Crucible of Courage

There are a lot of different heroes in Call of Dragons, but you will probably not have all of them, so it is hard to recommend specific heroes. So we will give you some guidelines. The first thing is that you want to use heroes that have high nuke damage (preferably range heroes), and you need at least one tank hero. With tank heroes, you will pull dark creatures while your dps heroes will deal all the damage.

If you are not sure which heroes to use, you can check the Call of Dragons Tier List. With this setup, you will not lose a lot of troops and be able to complete the Crucible of Courage easier. If you have any additional tips, feel free to share them in the comment section, and do not forget to redeem all Call of Dragons codes.

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