Darkling Patrols, Dark Creatures and Darkling Forts Guide – Which To Farm

Darkling Patrols, Dark Creatures and Darkling Forts Guide

In Call of Dragons, you will find different types of neutral units across the whole map. Currently, there are darkling patrols, darkling forts, and dark creatures. Each time you defeat them, they will give you a lot of different rewards, like speedups, resources, experiences, etc.

Also, darkling patrols, darkling forts, and dark creatures that you find in Call of Dragons will have different levels. The higher their level, the better the rewards you will receive after defeating them. In this guide, we will explain the difference between darkling units and what units will give you the best rewards after you destroy them.

What are Darkling Patrols?

Darkling Patrols

Darkling Patrols are the most common type of darkling unit found in Call of Dragons. They can be found across the whole map, and they come in different levels, from level 1 to level 25. To attack them, you will need command points. Each time you attack them, you will spend 50 command points. To reduce the amount of CP to 40, you can use a peacekeeping hero that has a peacekeeping talent tree build.

There are a lot of Darkling Patrols across the map, and you will be able to find them easily using the search option. If you search for darkling patrols that are level 1–12 using the search option, they will spawn near your city. For levels 13–25, you can also use the search option, but the search option has a range limitation. So if there is no high-level darkling patrol near your city, you will have to zoom out of the map and search for them manually.

When you defeat the Darkling Patrol, you will get experience and additional rewards. Rewards will contain experience items, resources, and speedups. The higher their level, the better rewards are. Darkling patrols are not that hard to kill. With time, and especially when you get to Tier 4 units, you will be able to destroy them easily.

What is great about Darkling patrols is that you can attack them with all five marches that you have. After you defeat them, all your matches will earn rewards and experience. We recommend doing this because you will save a lot of time, be able to destroy them faster and easier, and most importantly, you will lose fewer troops. You can even team up with an alliance member to destroy darkling patrols. You will both get the same rewards, which are amazing.

What are Dark Creatures?

Dark Creatures are a stronger type of dark unit that you will find in Call of Dragons. They are spread across the whole map, and there are fewer of them than the Darkling Patrol. Dark creatures have levels ranging from 7 to 25. You will also need command points to defeat them. If you want to reduce the number of CP points needed, feel free to use a peacekeeping commander.

They are not that hard to kill especially when you get your technology on a decent level and you get strong heroes. Every time you defeat a dark creature, you will get experience and additional rewards. The rewards that you will get for defeating them are resources and arcana dust. Arcana dust is important for leveling your artifacts.

What are Darkling Guards?

Darkling Guards in Call of Dragons

Darkling Guards are a combination of Darkling Patrols and Dark creatures. They together are protecting the Dark Chest. To summon Darkling Guards, you will need a Dark Key, which can be obtained by completing a daily challenge called Defeat Darkling legion.

Summoning and defeating the darkling guard is the most important thing that you have to do on a daily basis in Call of Dragons. Keep in mind that you are only able to use 2 dark keys per day, and you can store only 5 of them.

Darkling Guards Rewards in Call of Dragons

The reason why you have to defeat darkling guard every day is that you will get extremely good rewards from Dark Chest. Rewards are arcane dust, artifacts ( chance to get legendary artifacts), resources, and legendary essences that are used for upgrading artifacts. So make sure that you do them every day.

What are Darkling Forts?

Darkling Forts

Darkling Forts as their name implies, are special forts that contain dark units inside of them. What is unique about them is that you can not attack them with normal attacks. To attack them you have to be in alliance and start a rally on Darkling Forts. You or your alliance members can start it.

Each Darkling Forts can be attacked by only one rally from your alliance. There are 6 different levels of Darkling Forts. Fort levels 1, 2, and 3 are relatively easy to destroy, while levels 4, 5, and 6 are hard. To defeat levels 4, 5, and 6, you will need a few alliance members inside a rally and good tech and best heroes in Call of Dragons. To start and join the rally, you will need 150 command points, and you can reduce the number by 10 by using peacekeeping talent.

If you are a free-to-play player, it is best to ask and wait for alliance members that are pay-to-win to start a rally. They have better heroes and technology, and this way you will have fewer wounded units.

When you defeat Darkling Forts, you will get experience, arcana dust, and keys, but most importantly, you will get a treaty. A treaty is the main resource for upgrading your rally building, so if you are struggling with it, you can check out our guide on how to get a treaty fast.

Which is better: Darkling Forts or Darkling Patrol and Dark Creatures?

Is it better to defeat Darkling Forts or Darkling Patrol and Dark Creatures? This is a question that many new Call of Dragons players has. The short answer is that Darkling Forts are better to defeat.

There are a few reasons why Darkling Forts are much better to defeat than Darkling Patrol and Dark Creatures. First, you have to take into consideration the amount of Command Points that you spend. To defeat Darkling Fort, you need 150 CP, and to defeat Darkling Patrol and Dark Creatures, you need 50 CP. Even when you defeat 3 Darkling Patrol or Dark Creatures, you will get fewer rewards than defeating one Darkling Fort.

Darkling Fort will give you experience and arcane dust, but it will also give you keys so you can get more heroes and a treaty that you will need to upgrade the rally building. You will need a lot of them. Also, what you will do every time you have a chance is go and join or start a rally on Darkling Fort.

Darkling forts are much better overall in Call of Dragons, but that does not mean that you should not attack the Darkling Patrol and Dark Creatures. You will have to defeat a few of them each day in order to get dark keys. Also, keep an eye on events. If there is an event that requires you to kill Darkling Patrol and Dark Creatures, make sure that you complete it.

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