How to Relocate in Call of Dragons – Teleport Guide

How to Relocate in Call of Dragons - Teleport Guide

In Call of Dragons, relocating your city is one of the most important things that you have to know. Relocating your city allows you to get closer to your allies and enemies while also strategically positioning your city.

To relocate in Call of Dragons, you must have an item called Territorial Relocation, or if you are a new player, you can use an item called Beginners Relocation. There are also three options for relocating your city.

Relocate to alliance territory

Relocate to alliance territory

Once you join the alliance, it is recommended that you relocate into alliance territory, especially near your alliance members, so you can fight and defend together. 

To relocate on alliance territory, simply zoom out and find a good spot on alliance territory. You do not have to worry about fog because when you join the alliance, you will see members of the alliance, and there will always be spots near them for you to relocate.

Now when you found a good spot to relocate you can use the relocation item in 3 different ways:

Click on the spot where you want to relocate- When you click on the spot where you want to relocate you will see a button that says “Relocate”. When you click it you will enter relocation mode, where you can move your city. When you position your city, simply click the button, and your city will be relocated. 

Click to relocate COD

Click on the arrow near the right side of your avatar- When you click on the arrow near your avatar, a new menu will open where you also have the option to relocate your city.

Click on the arrow to relocate

User relocation from your inventory- navigate to your inventory and find territorial relocation items. When you click on “Use” you will enter relocation mode.

User relocation from your inventory

Can’t relocate the city 

Can't relocate the city  in Call Of Dragons

You can not relocate your city in Call of Dragons if: 

  • There is already a structure in place that you want to relocate.
  • There are NPCs and monsters.
  • Covered with fog
  • Alliance cooldown
  • Invalid locations 

When you are relocating, if the circle around your city is green, then you can relocate, but if it is red, that means that something is in your way. So simply move your city a little bit, and in most cases, you will be able to relocate. If you are struggling to relocate on a mobile device then you should play Call of Dragons on PC. With a bigger screen, you will be able to relocate faster and control your units easier. 

Alliance Relocation Cooldown 

Alliance Relocation Cooldown 

Every time you join a new alliance, you will start a cooldown that disallows you to relocate to alliance territory. The higher the level of your city is, the longer cooldown will be. 

Beginner Relocation 

Relocates your city to an area in this region where mist has been dispelled, or to a random location in another region, changing your affiliated region to that region. This item is scrapped when your city hall reaches Level 12. So make sure that you use it as much as you can. 

Where to get Territorial Relocation items

Where to get Territorial Relocation items

There are a few places where you can get City Relocation items, and with time you will accumulate a lot of them, especially if you are a new player whose main goal is to grow and develop your city.  

Places where you can get City Relocation are: 

  • Alliance shop
  • VIP Shop 
  • Events 
  • Bundles
  • Behemoths
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