How to gather fast in Call of Dragons

How to gather fast in Call of Dragons

Gathering resources in Call of Dragons is important, and you will have to do it every day. In Call of Dragons, you will use your resources to level up your city and troops, research technology, heal your troops, and so much more. 

In this guide, we will explain how to gather faster and what benefits you will get from gathering resources.

Optimize your gathering

  • Use gathering heroes 
  • Use the gathering talent tree
  • Alliance Title
  • Alliance technology
  • Gathering artifacts
  • Your gathering technology
  • Gathering in Alliance territory 
  • Gathering items
  • Your Honor Level

There are numerous things you can do to increase your gathering speed and the number of resources you obtain. It is important that you do all the things that we listed if you want to have millions of resources. 

To find how much gathering bonus you have, simply click on your city hall and then click on the Right button. It will display a list of all your economic and gathering buffs. Everything is broken by the type of resources. 

Best Gathering Heroes

Best Gathering Heroes in Call of Dragons

Currently, there are not a lot of gathering heroes in Call of Dragons, but make sure that you get them if you want to farm resources faster. The best gathering heroes for new players are Chakcha and Kella. They are easy to get and upgrade because their rarity is low. Make sure to use the right talent tree for gathering heroes, which will drastically increase your speed. 

You’ve probably noticed that the game will automatically select heroes and troops when you attack or go gathering. This is important to know because the game will sometimes use the wrong heroes. 

When you go farming the game will choose 2 gathering heroes but that is in most cases a waste of heroes. It is better to send gathering heroes as primary, and for secondary heroes, you can use any hero that is not for gathering. The reason is that only the talent tree from the primary hero is working when you are gathering, and there are not a lot of gathering heroes available in the game, especially if you are a new player. 

Gathering Boost Items

Gathering Boost Items

Gathering boost items are insanely important if you want to gather faster. When you use gathering boost items, you will get a 50% increase in gathering speed, which is significant. You can purchase them with gems or with resources, but we do not recommend you spend gems on this because it is a waste. There are a lot of better places where you can spend your valuable gems.

With time, you will get a lot of free gathering boost items from alliance gifts and events. There are two types of gathering boost. Both will give you the same amount of gathering speed, but one will last for 8 hours and the other will last for 24 hours. 

Gathering Alliance Title

Gathering Alliance Title

Alliance Title are hard and, for most players, impossible to get. Only one R4 officer can get this title. So if you are good with alliance leaders, you can ask them to give you this title because it will increase your gathering speed by 10%, which is a good amount. 

Honor Level

Get Honor level 8

Honor levels are one of the most important things that you have to level up, not only because it will give you gathering speed but also because there are a lot of other benefits that you will get. The higher your honor level is, the more gathering speed you will have. So make sure that you give your best to increase your honor level, especially on level 8.


Technology Call Of Dragons

There are a lot of technologies that you can research in Call of Dragons, and a lot of them are specific for gathering. Now, if you are a new player, your main focus should be getting as much economic technology as you can, and later you can work on military technology. Of course, you do not have to research all economic technology, but you must get it to a decent level so you can work on your military technology. You want to have a good technology balance for the mid-game when you’ll be fighting a lot.

If you have a farm account, you can only focus on economic technology. The reason is that the farm account is mainly for transferring resources, not for fighting. 

Gather on alliance territory

Gather on alliance territory in Call Of Dragons

Gathering on alliance territory has two advantages: it increases your gathering speed by 25% and protects you from attack. When you are gathering on alliance territory, you will get an additional gathering speed of 25%. That is a huge amount that will definitely help you.

The most important thing is that you can not be attacked when you are gathering on alliance territory. This is huge because in most games, players would attack you and you would lose troops and resources. So make sure that you are always gathering in alliance territory. 

Gathering artifacts

Gathering artifacts

There are a lot of artifacts available in Call of Dragons, and each one of them is unique. Now, most of the artifacts are for fighting, but there are a few that will help you gather more resources. For example, there is an artifact called Quick Gather that will allow you to gather on resource nodes instantly. The only downside is that it has quite a long cooldown. 

So make sure that you check if you have any gathering artifacts and use them and feel free to check out the Call of Dragons Artifact tier list that will help you in choosing best artifacts.

Alliance technology 

Alliance technology Call of Dragons

Each alliance has a technology tree that can be unlocked, and in that technology, you will find a lot of bonuses for gathering. That is why it is important for you to join an active alliance that is constantly researching this technology. You will receive a large number of gathering bonuses and extra resources.

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