Madeline Talent Tree Build & Guide

Madeline Talent Tree Build & Guide

Rank: Legendary
Race: Human
Map Buffs: PvP
Faction: League of Order
Unit Buffs: Overall
Team Role: Tank

Madeline Rating

4.2/5 - (42 votes)

Madeline Talent Tree Build

Madeline Tank Talent Tree
Madeline Tank Talent Tree
Madeline Infantry Talent Tree
Madeline Infantry Talent Tree

Madeline Guide

Madeline is currently the best infantry hero that you can get in Call of Dragons. What makes her extremely good is the first skill that allows her to absorb damage, deal counter damage, bring in more units, and so much more. With her, you will be able to survive for a long time while dealing a lot of damage to all enemies nearby. What is great about her is that she is extremely good at doing PVE content, like when you have to tank Behemoth. So no matter if you are free to play or pay to win, you have to get Madeline.

Madeline Pairings


The best hero that you can pair with Madeline is Nika. In this pairing, Nika will provide a lot of damage, while Madeline will provide a lot of survivability with damage reduction and bonus health. In this pairing, make sure to use infantry and Madeline as the primary. If you do not have Madeline on a high level, then you can use the Nika talent tree.


If you are a pay-to-win player, then you want to pair Madeline with Hosk. Together, they will deal absurd amounts of damage and have a lot of survivability. By far the strongest pairing in the Call of Dragons.  


Garwood is a great hero that you can pair with Madeline. Together, they are the tank pairing in Call of Dragons. They will not deal a lot of damage, but they will also not receive a lot of damage. The main usage of this pairing is for PVE content where you want to tank monsters and bosses.


If you do not have Nika or Garwood, then you can use Eliana with Madeline. Together, they work really well, and they will provide you with a lot of survivability and defense. So if you are a new player, this is the best pairing that you should get.

Madeline Artifacts

Dragonscale ArmorLegendaryInfantry/Tank
Greymar's WarhammerLegendaryInfantry/Control
Springs of SilenceLegendaryInfantry/PvP/Assault
Butcher's BaldeEpicInfantry/PvP/Assault
Harlequin MaskEliteInfantry/Peacekeeping

These are the best artifacts for Madeline. Now, what artifact from this list you will use on Madeline depends on a lot of factors, are you doing PVP or PVE content, what do you want to achieve, what artifacts do you have available, etc. So go into Call of Dragons and read what each artifact is doing from this list, and you will find one that suits you best.

Madeline Overview

Check out this video by Hulksden Gaming if you want a detailed explanation of the Madeline talent tree, skill sets, and playstyles.

Madeline Skills

Venomous Overgrowth

Rage Skill
Rage Cost: 1,000 
Attack Range: Far

Grants Physical Keenness, increasing Physical Attack by 5%for 4s.Also grants a shield which absorbs damage(Shield Factor 600) for 4s.

Upgrade Preview: 
Physical ATK bonus 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%
Shield Factor 600/700/800/1000/1200

Glorious Bloodline

Passive Skill 
Increases the Hero’s Legion Capacity by 2000,and deals 3%extra Physical damage in the field.

Upgrade Preview: 
Maximum Legion Capacity bonus 2000/4000/6000/8000/10000
Physical Damage Dealt bonus 3%/4%/6%/8%/10%

Steel Sentinel

Passive Skill
All counterattack damage your Hero’s Legion deals is increased by 5%. All Infantry units in this Legion gain 5%HP bonus.

Upgrade Preview: 
Infantry unit HP bonus 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%
Counterattack damage bonus 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%

Piercing Gaze

Passive Skill 
When the commanded Legion has less than 20%units remaining, grants a Resistance that reduces all damage taken by 10%.

Upgrade Preview: 
Damage taken reduction 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

The Sword of Sorland

Skill Enhanced:Piercing Gaze

When the Hero’s Legion has less than 20%units remaining, grants Resistance that reduces all damage taken by 30%,and deals Physical Skill damage once (Damage Factor 1000,affected by Legion’s Physical ATK)to up to 3 surrounding Legions. This effect can be triggered once every 10s.

Madeline Description

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