New Call Of Dragons Update v1.0.8 “Dragon Hunter”

New Call Of Dragons Update v1.0.8 "Dragon Hunter"

New update v1.0.8 “Dragon Hunter” is coming to Call of Dragons on 10/20/22 at 07:00 UTC. During this time the servers will be down for an estimated time of 2 hours.

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

  1. 3 new Epic Artifacts: Heartpiercer, Archery Master’s Manual, and Magic Bomb. 3 new Elite Artifacts: Rapid Crossbow, Bone Cleaver, and Ever-Ice. Draw them from the Artifact Compendium and equip your Heroes with them.
  2. Changed the Skill effect of Giant’s Bone: damage from Power Strike only applies to Darklings, Dark Creatures and Behemoths.
  3. Changed the Skill effect of Greenfinger Sickle: resources gained from Quick Harvest depend on the resource gathered. See below:
    Gold: 100000/150000/200000/280000/400000
    Wood: 100000/150000/200000/280000/400000
    Ore: 75000/112500/150000/210000/300000
    Mana: 40000/60000/80000/112000/160000
  4. Changed Boots of Swiftness Artifact buff—now grants a 1.5% increase to Legion HP when ascended to 4 Stars (down from 2%).
  5. War Frenzy can be activated when casting Artifact Skills on enemy Legions.
  6. Added the ability to unequip Artifacts.
  7. Added the “PvP” Artifact tag to more clearly display Artifact features.
  8. When exchanging Legendary Hero Tokens, Season Custom Tokens will be recommended for use first.
  9. Reduced the difficulty of leveling up Heroes and Artifacts. During Season 1, Heroes and Artifacts will have a maximum Star Rating of 4 Stars, with Artifacts having a maximum level of 40.
  10. Goblin Market Changes:
    • Removed scrap function for Legendary Hero Tokens and Legendary Artifact Emblems.
    • Medals can be scrapped to gain Hero Coins, and Essence can be scrapped to gain Artifact Coins.
    • Adjusted refresh chances for Speedup items at the Goblin Market.

An Even Richer Combat Experience

  1. Darkling Guards refresh more often, allowing you to find Darkling Guards closer to your City.
  2. Improved the Battle Log system, fixing issues where buffs would not be accurately reported. Shield effects and other buffs gained by Legions can now be seen in Battle Logs.
  3. Changed the command system for Legions. Previously, players had to tap and hold empty spaces on the map to issue commands; this has been changed to a simple tap.
  4. Improved the recommendation system for Legion configurations. Recommendations will now more accurately fit a Hero’s attributes.
  5. Fixed Hero Skills:
    1. Fixed errors in the upgrade preview for Atheus’s passive Skill Sanctified Wings:
    2. Previously: HP increase 5%/7%/%/20%/15%; Healing effect received increase %/8%/11%/15%/20%.
    3. Now: HP increase 3%/4%/6%/8%/10%; Healing effect received increase 4%/6%/8%/11%/15%.
    4. Fixed an issue where Alwyn’s passive Skill Friend of the Hemlock would not take effect, and fixed errors in the Skill description: chance of inflicting Ensnare changed from 10% to 15%.
    5. Reduced Unit Count losses for Legions attacking Darkling Patrols, Dark Creatures, Darkling Guards, and Darkling Forts, and reduced the number of severely wounded units.
    6. Fixed an issue where Ranged units’ counterattack damage would be calculated incorrectly in Rallied Armies.

A More Accessible Map

  1. Added a new notification when you discover an Observatory, and when your Mist Exploration Progress in an area is over 90%. You can now tap a pop-up icon on the right-hand side of the screen to jump to an Observatory and activate it.
  2. Increased the area of Mist dispersed when activating an Observatory.
  3. You can now see the location of all Observatories on the map by selecting Alliance Mode or Explore Mode.
  4. Added icons denoting bridges on the map, allowing you to see the locations of all bridges.

An Improved Alliance System

  1. Tapping coordinates with an Alliance tag in the chat window allows you to jump to that location on the map.
  2. Added the ability to recall Legions within a Rallied Army back to your City. The Rally Captain can also choose to dismiss any Legion and return them to their City.
  3. When relocating your City to territory near an Alliance Road, a Road will automatically be constructed, connecting your City to the Alliance Road. This automatically-constructed Road cannot be upgraded, and will not increase Legions’ March Speed, but it does make your City look better on the map!
  4. When you have deployed a Legion to join a Rallied Army, an icon for the Rallied Army will appear in the top-left corner of the screen, allowing you to easily tell whether you have joined a Rally.
  5. Changed the death rate of severely wounded units in Garrison Legions. When Legions deployed to Alliance Members’ Cities are attacked, severely wounded units will die at a rate of 10%, rather than 50%.
  6. Increased Ore, Wood, Gold, and Mana storage capacity for the Alliance Storehouse.
  7. Added a preparation phase. Alliance Officers can set a location and waiting period for the preparation phase, beginning a countdown to the start of the event. Once set, the caravan will wait at the designated location; Alliance Members can head there within the allotted waiting period.
  8. Improved the team selection system. The system will no longer automatically select teams. Tap the caravan then select the “Escort” button to join the team.
  9. Increased the duration of Titan’s Legacy from 56 to 70 days, and changed the EXP rewards for Event Quests.
  10. Forge of Light Event Changes:
    1. Reduced the difficulty of acquiring Legendary Artifacts. You are now guaranteed to receive a Legendary Artifact every 90 draws, rather than 120. The probability of obtaining Legendary Artifacts has been increased from 1.0855% to 1.5155%.
    2. Increased the chances of receiving designated Artifacts. The Blessings system has replaced the previous system of exchanging remaining draws for Artifacts.

More Details on Seasons

  1. The Augurstone page has been improved, showing more details about Seasons.
  2. Season Info: Added an introduction for each Season, and information regarding Season progress and Season resets.
  3. Season Summary: Added a Season Summary section, showing each Alliance’s specific finishing circumstances and Season Objectives.
  4. Season Rewards: Added rewards for completing Season Objectives, which can be claimed according to your achievements in the Season. Incredible treasures await you!

Other Improvements

  1. Improved Gather Reports. You can now see EXP gained by the Hero through gathering, and any additional rewars conferred by Hero Talents.
  2. Added a feature allowing you to use Choice Resource Chests in the resource replenishment page.
  3. Improved the Storehouse management interface, adding separate pages showing the Protection Capacity for each resource type.
  4. Defeated Darkling Legions will no longer drop Elite Medals.
  5. Added a new notification for Heroes’ Main Stories. You can now quickly see which Heroes within your City have accessible Main Stories and interact with them.
  6. Added an auto-play function for Stories; dialog choices must still be made manually.

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