Call of Dragons Tier 4 Legion Troops Guide, Requirements and Tips

Call of Dragons Tier 4 Legion Troops Guide

In Call of Dragons, Tier 4 legion troops are the most important type of troops. You will use them all the time and even when you come to the late game when you unlock tier 5 troops. Tier 4 legion troops are the best because when you compare them to other tiers, you will notice that they are giving the best value in terms of power per cost and time.

It is also critical to reach tier 4 as soon as possible so that you can fight other players, farm NPCs, bosses, and so much more. Keep in mind that tier 4 troops with good heroes can beat tier 5 troops. In this guide, we will show you all the things that you have to unlock in order to get Tier 4 troops and how to speed up the process. 

Building Requirements for Tier 4 Legion Troops

Upgrade Hall Of Order in Call of Dragons

There are a few buildings that you have to upgrade to a certain level to unlock tier 4 legion troops. It will cost a lot of resources to upgrade buildings, so make sure that you are gathering as much as you can, and make sure that you create a farm account so you can get even more resources. 

On level 21, the first building you have upgraded is the City Hall. You have to upgrade it so you can upgrade the College of Order, where you will research your tier 4 legion troops. It is also important to upgrade the City Hall so you can bring more troops with heroes and unlock more marching queues. 

The second building that you have to upgrade to level 21 is the College of Order. When you upgrade it, you will be able to research tier 4 troops. By upgrading the College of Order, you will increase your research speed, which is great. 

Research requirements for Tier 4 Legion Troops

Research requirements for tier 4

There is a lot of research that you will do in Call of Dragons. When you enter the College of Order, you will notice that there is military technology and economic technology. You will find research for tier 4 legion troops in Military Technology. 

The first thing that you have to unlock in military technology is intelligence gathering (5/5). After that, you will work your way to Pathfinding 2, and there you will need 7/10 research. When you research Intelligence Gathering and Pathfinding 2, you can start researching tier 4 troops. Each type of tier 4 troop has its own research tree, but to research tier 4 flying troops, you will have to research all other tiers 4 troops. 

It will take you a lot of time to research all of them, but with time you will have all of them and you can start working your way up to Tier 5 troops. Just make sure that you are active and follow the steps down below that will speed up your progression. 

Tips that will help you research Tier 4 legion troops faster. 

Join Alliance- Alliance is the most important aspect of Call of Dragons and by joining one you will get a lot of benefits like reduced building and researching time, the free speedup from gifts, alliance shop, alliance help and so much more. All these benefits will speed up your process of getting tier 4 troops. 

Farm Mana

Farm Mana: Mana is the most important type of resource in Call of Dragons that you will need for everything, and you will need a lot of it for research, and you can not transfer it or donate it. This means that you can not send it from your farm account to the main account, and other players can not give it to you. That is why you have to farm mana all the time. The only great thing about mana is that you will not lose it when an enemy player attacks you. 

Make a farm account: Farm accounts in Call of Dragons are important for a few reasons. The first reason is that you can farm gold, wood, and stone on a farm account while you farm mana on the main account. The second reason is that Call of Dragons is a war game where you will fight a lot, and you will need all your resources for healing troops and training new ones. It is extremely expensive, and when you add the resources that you need for upgrading and researching, you will always run out of resources if you do not have a farm account. So make sure that you create at least one. 

Honor level 8 in Call of Dragons

Honor Level: Your honor level in Call of Dragons will give you a lot of benefits and free daily items like hero tokes. They will also give you a lot of different buffs that will reduce the time needed to upgrade buildings and research technology. That is why you should upgrade and invest gems in honor so you can become stronger and speed up your progression. 

Events: There are a lot of different events in Call of Dragons that you can do. Each one of them will give you a lot of different items, the most important resources, and the speedups that you will need to get Tier 4 legion troops. So make sure that you give your best to complete every single event that there is. 

Upgrade your lower tier troops-Once you unlock your tier 4 troops, you can start upgrading your lower tier troops to tier 4. It is 100% worth it. Just make sure that you are waiting for an event where you can get free items when you are upgrading your troops’ tier.

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