Quiz Quest Event Answers

Quiz Quest Event Answers

Quiz Quest is an event in Call of Dragons where you will be asked questions and have to answer them. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will get great rewards, like legendary hero tokens.

During the event, you will have the chance to answer 10 questions each day. Complete event quests to gain more chances to answer questions. You can use these chances to retry any questions you answered incorrectly. Your question progress and rewards will be reset daily, so make sure that you complete them before the server resets.

Down below, you will find all the questions that are available and the correct answers to them, so you can answer all 10 questions correctly. If you are looking for more free items, make sure that you redeem all Call of Dragons codes.

Quiz Quest Questions and Answers

Questions Answers
What do Barricades do?Slow down enemy Land Legions
What is the name of Kregg’s beloved pet wyvern?Spike
What is the name of Madeline’s sword?Sword Edge
When a Hero has 0 Stamina, which of these actions is still possible?Talking to them in your City
Which of the following actions does not grant you Member Points in your Alliance?Joining Rallies
Which of these actions can increase a Hero’s Trust Level?Talking to them
How do you deploy Legions to an open space?Tap the space, select “deploy” from the popup
What is Nico and Nika’s relationship?Older sister/younger brother
Which of these is not an Alliance Officer title?Prime Minister
When you have 0 CP, which of these actions is not possible?Attacking Dark Creatures
Which of these Heroes is the oldest?Theia
Which of these describes Atheus’s appearance?He has wings
Who does Kregg call “my pretty”?Spike
What is Keystone Copper used to forge?Universal Artifact Key
Which of these items can open Universal Artifact Compendiums?Universal Artifact Key
What is the name of Kella’s animal companion?Dronkey
Which of the following is not a type of City building?Defensive buildings
How old is Ordo in 1196, the year the game begins?56
What is the name of Kregg’s most beloved explosive?Super Boom Barrel
Where does Chakcha come from?A remote village
In the Season Stories, who teaches our heroes the art of purification?Atheus
In the Season Story “The Gods Wish, the Stones Weep”, what substance are our heroes investigating?Manastone
How many heads does a Hydra have?3
Where was GwanwynMoonvale
What creature at the Goblin Market building?Giant Lizard
What is the symbol on the emblem in the Honorary Membership screen?Pine Cone
What kind of War Spoils do you receive for destroying a
Darkling Fort?
Fort War Spoils
How many topknots does Ordo wear on his head?2
What do Peacekeeping Talents help a Hero to do?Fight Darklings and Dark Creatures
What color is Waldyr’s cloak?Blue
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