Celestial Battlegrounds Event Guide in Call of Dragons

Celestial Battlegrounds Event Guide in Call of Dragons

In the realm of Call of Dragons, the Celestial Battlegrounds Event stands out as a testament to strategy, insight, and adaptability. Players engage in intense battles, optimizing their tactics round after round. With various elements to consider, from artifact management to hero selection, the event is more than just a test of might—it’s a test of wit.

Event Structure and Mechanics

The Celestial Battlegrounds Event in Call of Dragons is systematically organized into 10 distinct stages. Players need to maneuver through each of these stages, trying to outpace enemy legions.

Players are ranked not just by victory but also by the speed of their victory. The quicker you complete the event, the better your score will be. So you have to make sure that you do as much damage as possible.

Between each of the rounds, players will be able to choose different effects. This choice lets them select a particular effect that their enemies will have on all incoming rounds. This selection is strategic. Depending on the effect you choose, you can make your subsequent battle easier or more challenging. That is why it is crucial to choose the right skills because some are extremely strong while others are really easy.

In the Celestial Battleground, you will be able to choose three distinct marches. You will need to be astute in choosing which pairing you will use. It is best that you use the best heroes that are available in Call of Dragons.

What is great is that the Celestial Battlegrounds Event allows you to try again. So if your first try is not that great you will be able to adjust it.

Scoring and Rankings

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While it’s natural to aim for the top ranks, in the Celestial Battlegrounds, scoring holds precedence. A higher score is the main aim, even more than achieving a top rank. Your score is a direct reflection of your gameplay efficiency.

Rewards based on score:

  • Achieving 20,000 points secures a gold chest, an epic hero token, a legendary token, and a gold key. 
  • A score of 10,000 points earns players two legendary tokens. 
  • Attaining 5,000 points grants a single legendary token. 

Rewards based on Rankings

  • The top rank holder receives five legendary tokens. 
  • Second place gets three legendary tokens. 
  • The third position is awarded two legendary tokens. 
  • Ranks between fourth and tenth aren’t left behind; each of these ranks earns a legendary token.


What heroes you will use for the Celestial Battlegrounds event is the most important thing to consider. We recommend you pick a range heroes. They can deal damage before enemies even get close. Tanks, though generally powerful, might not be your best pick for this event. Their slower damage output can be a disadvantage.

Celestials amplify damage output, making them a vital component of your strategic gameplay. Moreover, small tweaks, like positioning mages slightly farther back, can give an edge in the battle.

We recommend you use ranged units that have an insane amount of damage. While they are doing damage, you will use tank pairing to absorb all the damage. This way, your units will be able to survive.

Celestial Battlegrounds Battle Effects

Celestial Battlegrounds Battle Effects

There are a lot of different battle effects in Celestial Battlegrounds. What effect you choose for your enemy depends on a lot of factors. Overall effects that you should definitely avoid are:

  • The “On death, heal the surrounding units” effect should be avoided as it gives your enemies an advantage. 
  • The “Muster” effect enhances the attack and defense of surrounding enemies, which increases the challenge. 
  • The “Soul sap” effect, though increasing attack and defense, weakens as surrounding units are defeated.

Battle Effects List

Battle Effects List

These are all the battle effects that are available in Call of Dragons:

  • Second Wind: 10s after battle begins, all enemy units’ ATK is increased by 15% every 5s, up to a maximum of 105%.
  • Intensity: Enemy units deal 107% more Skill damage.
  • Malice: Enemy units gain 60% ATK.
  • Furious Anger: When an enemy unit’s HP is below 50%, their ATK is increased by 120%.
  • Darkshade: Every 5s, enemy units gain a shield (Shield Factor 1,500) that lasts 3s. While the shield is active, they deal 25% more normal attack damage.
  • Struggle: When an enemy unit’s HP is below 50%, their DEF is increased by 80%.
  • Obstinacy: Enemy units gain 40% DEF.
  • Tried and Tested: 10s after battle begins, all enemy units’ DEF is increased by 20% every 5s, up to a maximum of 70%.
  • Soul Sap: In each stage, a random enemy unit will cast Soul Sap, increasing their ATK and DEF by 120%. Every time a nearby unit dies, this effect is reduced by 25%.
  • Overexertion: When battle begins, enemy units gain 28% ATK and DEF for 60s. When the effect ends, Darklings take damage (Damage Factor 700).
  • Muster: In each stage, a random enemy unit will cast Muster, increasing the ATK and DEF of surrounding enemies by 48%.
  • Hale and Hearty: When an enemy unit’s HP is above 50%, its ATK and DEF are increased by 48%.
  • Death Heal: On death, an enemy unit heals surrounding enemies (10% of max HP).
  • Self-Healing: After entering battle, enemy units receive healing every 5s (Healing Factor 1,250).
  • Bare-Knuckle: Reduces DEF of your Legion by 50%, and increases their ATK by 10%.
  • Unleashed: When battle begins, enemy units’ first normal attacks deal additional damage (Damage Factor 4,000).
  • Defilement: Enemy attacks can inflict Defilement. Each stack of Defilement reduces DEF by 4% and healing received by 2% for 3s. Max 10 stacks.

Artifact Management

Artifact Management

In the Celestial Battlegrounds event, your artifacts aren’t just accessories; they’re crucial tools. Especially the low rage cost artifacts These artifacts are considerably more effective because they can be triggered faster. The reason you need them is because they come with cooldowns, and these cooldown durations linger from one round to the next.

If you use an artifact at the end of one round, it might not be available immediately in the next. If you do not have artifacts that have low rage requirements, then you should use the best artifacts that are available in Call of Dragons. Also, make sure that the artifact that you will use has synergy with your pairing.


The server you’re on isn’t just a backdrop—it plays a significant role in shaping your Celestial Battlegrounds experience. Rankings, a critical metric of success in the event, are relative. This means your performance is benchmarked against other players on the same server. Given this dynamic, the same strategy could place you on top on one server but somewhere in the middle on another.

Not all servers are created equal. Some are fiercely competitive, while others adopt a more laid-back approach. Server competitiveness has a direct bearing on the difficulty level of the Celestial Battlegrounds event. The more aggressive the server, the more challenging it becomes to climb the rankings. It’s essential to understand this nuance and adapt your tactics accordingly.

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