Snowpeak Roc Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Snowpeak Roc Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Snowpeak Roc is one of the strongest pets in Call of Dragons. What makes this pet strong is his talent skill Concentration which will deal damage to targets that have been inflicted with defense break. This is crucial to know so you can easily know what the best heroes and artifacts are that you can use with Snowpeak Roc.

Best Snowpeak Roc Attributes

Each pet in Call of Dragons has six attributes. Each attribute boosts the skills and talents of your pets, so it is crucial to know what the best attributes are so you can create the best version of the pet.

For Snowpeak Roc your main attribute should be luck, because this attribute will boost your talent skill Concentration. The other 2 attributes that you should focus on are Strength and Agility.

The best attributes for Snowpeak Roc are:

  • Luck
  • Strength
  • Agility

Best Snowpeak Roc Skills

There are a lot of different skills in Call of Dragons that you can use on Snowpeak Roc. Your main focus should be skills that will boost defense break, talent skill, and overall damage like critical strike and chance because you will use Snowpeak Roc with heroes that are dealing a lot of damage so you want to boost that damage even more.

Forceful Concentration Forceful Concentration: Concentration damage dealt +15.26% (determined by Strength).

Shieldbreaker Shieldbreaker: Enemy Legion DEF Penetration +1.5% (determined by e Strength).

Manic Might a Manic Might: Legion Physical ATK +0.5%.

Eviscerate Eviscerate: Crit Rate +1.8% when Legion deals Physical normal attack damage.

Fierce Attack Fierce Attack: 40% chance to deal damage to the target when your Deputy casts a Rage Skill.

Hit Weakness Hit Weakness: Crit damage +3.79% when Legion deals Physical normal attack damage.

Pursuit Predation Pursuit Predation: Crit Rate +1.81% when Legion deals Physical Hero Skill damage (determined by Agility).

Blood Roar
Blood Roar: Crit Rate +17.81% when Legion deals Physical War Pet Skill damage (determined by Agility).

If you do not have suggested skills make sure that you read descriptions of other skills that you have, what heroes you will use with Snowpeak Roc, and what your best attributes are currently on your war pet so you can make a decent combination until you get the best skills for Snowpeak Roc. 

Best Hero Pair For Snowpeak Roc

Snowpeak Roc is a war pet that needs heroes who will inflict a defense break. So the best heroes that you can use with Snowpeak Roc are Nico and Kinnara. If developers release new strong heroes that are inflicting defense break you can pair them with Snowpeak Roc.

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