Ice Lizard Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Ice Lizard Skill Build, Attributes, and Pairings

Ice lizard is a great war pet in Call of Dragons. His main talent tree is Icecore, which will deal damage to enemies from a long distance and freeze them. This is important to know so you can know who the best pairings are for Ice Lizard, like hero Velyn. Overall, Ice Lizard is best with magic heroes who are dealing additional damage to targets with frozen effects.

Best Ice Lizard Attributes

Each pet in Call of Dragons has six attributes. Each attribute boosts the skills and talents of your pets, so it is crucial to know what the best attributes are so you can create the best version of the pet.

For Ice Lizard, your main attribute must be intelligence, which will boost Icecore skills. The other two attributes that you should get at a high level are spirit and luck.

The best attributes for Ice Lizard are:

  • Intelligence 
  • Luck
  • Spirit

Best Ice Lizard Skills

There are a lot of different skills in Call of Dragons that you can use on Ice Lizard. Your main focus should be skills that will boost the magic damage of your heroes. The reason is that you will use Ice Lizard only with magic heroes so you have to boost their damage. You can also use skills that will reduce enemy defenses or slow them down even more.

Luck Skills

Follow Up Follow Up: 40% chance to cast a War Pet Magic Rage Skill again 2s after 1st casting. Damage/healing/shield effect is 25.83% of the 1st casting (determined by Intelligence). Can be triggered once every 3s.

Bolt from the Blue Bolt from the Blue: Legion Magic ATK +1.34% (determined by 0 Intelligence).

Light Guidance Light Guidance: Crit Rate +1.8% when Legion deals Magic Hero Skill damage (determined by Luck).

Shieldbreaker Shieldbreaker: Enemy Legion DEF Penetration +1.5% (determined by Strength).

Outburst of Rage Outburst of Rage: 10% chance to gain an extra 28.78 Rage every second (determined by Agility). Can be triggered once every 8s.

Split Icecore Split Icecore: Ice Orbs hit more enemy Legions. With every 160 points of Spirit, Ice Orbs hit an extra enemy Legion. ( Determined by Spirit)

Forceful Icecore Forceful Icecore: Ice Orbs damage +13.74% (determined by Intelligence).

If you do not have suggested skills make sure that you read descriptions of other skills that you have, what heroes you will use with Ice Lizard, and what your best attributes are currently on your war pet so you can make a decent combination until you get the best skills for Ice Lizard. 

Best Hero Pair For Ice Lizard

Currently, there are not a lot of heroes that you can pair with Ice Lizard, and the reason for that is that you need heroes who will benefit from Ice Lizard’s talent skill, Icecore. So currently, the best heroes that you can use are Velyn and Waldyr. They both benefit from the Icecore skill.

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