Call of Dragons Update 1.0.17 “Roots of War”

Version 1.0.17 Roots of War

Version 1.0.16 “Roots of War” will be released on UTC 2023/07/13. Here are some details on the update:

Roots of War

The Elven Queen Lucia has awakened the power of Pren Hynafol, the revered Ancient Tree that stands on the banks of the holy wellspring of Ffynon.

The tree’s roots have reached back centuries into the past, to when Queen Lucia lay in centuries-long slumber as the traitorous Elven High Lord’s forces attacked the Queenswood. Your Alliance will take the side of either Queen Lucia or High Lord Yaen to relive the climax of Yaen’s Rebellion—the moment of Elfkind’s greatest struggle.

Roots of War is filled with exciting features:

  • Fight for control of the Lifestone in huge 30vs30 team battles!
  • Experience a map filled with diverse terrain that shapes your team’s strategy!
  • Fight your way through the fog of war enveloping the battlefield, or hide in wait within it!
  • Unleash powerful Artifact Skills to wreak havoc on the enemy!

Roots of War will be rolled out to certain servers very soon, then gradually expanded to other servers. Stay tuned for more details!

Roots of War

An Even Richer Combat Experience

  1. The new Legendary Artifact Goldcrest (Marksman, PvP, Control) is now available from Artifact Compendiums in the Forge of Light and Riches of the Forest events.
  2. Improved battle display. Numerical damage values will clearly indicate when your Legion has taken Crit damage.
  3. Improved Scout reports. Scout report messages will indicate unit types for scouted enemy Legions.
  4. Fixed an issue where damage values would not be displayed in reports for the Artifacts Springblades and Infernal Flame.
  5. Improved Hero promotion. You can now save Medal combinations, and use your saved Medal combination the next time you promote a Hero.
  6. Adjusted the duration of the ATK buff for Theia’s Skill Lex Lucis. The ATK buff will last until Theia’s Legion loses their shield.
  7. Fixed an issue where using Visage of the Sanctus would fail to activate Theia’s Skill Lex Lucis after gaining a shield.
  8. Fixed errors in the descriptions for Staff of the Prophet and Heart of Kamasi.

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

Alliance Improvements:

  • Alliance Leaders and Officers can now edit their Alliance’s recruitment info through the Alliance Management screen and share it to chat channels, allowing other players to see more about your Alliance and apply to join.
  • Added Alliance Logs, providing information about major events, membership changes, and battles.
  • When Alliance Members have been offline for over three days, Alliance Leaders and Officers will receive a notice about their inactivity through the mail.

Added a reset feature for Policies. During the Season, you can reset your Policies and refund all spent Prestige. This feature has a 30 day cooldown.

Changed Seasonal Custom Tokens. If a Hero is a Generation 1 Hero, you may exchange G1 or higher Custom Tokens for that Hero’s Token.

Current Available G1 Heroes: Nika, Garwood, Emrys, Madeline, Nico, Bakshi, Theia, Kinnara, Velyn.

Current Available G2 Heroes: Ffraegar, Syndrion.

Beginning with Season 1+ “Stars Reignited”, you will not be able to attack other players for 48 hours after the Season begins. This includes PvP, attacking Cities, attacking Resource Points, and destroying buildings. This is to ensure players are able to develop during the early game.

More Enjoyable Events

More Enjoyable Events
  • Added a new Event Calendar. Kella will bring you the latest details on everything that’s going on across Tamaris every week!
  • Added the new Celestial Battlegrounds event. Enter the Celestial Battlegrounds and test your might!

A More Accessible Map

  • In Season 1+ “Stars Reignited”, you can now see the locations and levels of all Villages by selecting the Alliance tab on the left-hand side of the world map.
  • In Season 1+ “Stars Reignited”, you can now go directly from an individual Village’s management menu to the Alliance Territory screen, allowing you to see the status of all Villages belonging to the Alliance.

Other Improvements

  • Added a Season chat channel. After the Season Summary, you can use this chat to talk to players who will be in the same server as you when the new Season begins.
  • You can now see your chances of receiving certain items from Hero Chests in the Daily Deals page of the Market.
  • You can now directly share Call of Dragons Community content to the in-game chat.
  • Improved League of Order building visuals to better match the Faction’s design.

PC Improvements

  • Improved the display for chat channels. You can now see how many unread messages you have in each chat channel and can scroll the main tab to see more messages.
  • Added a pre-download feature. Pre-downloading the latest game updates through the Launcher will also grant you in-game rewards through the pre-download event!

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