Roots of War Guide and Strategy

Roots of War Guide and Strategy

Roots of War is a game mode in Call of Dragons where two teams will fight each other in a format of 30 vs. 30. This game mode requires a lot of planning, resource management, and teamwork from your alliance in order to secure a win.

Alliances are matched based on their respective rankings and take on the roles of Lucia’s and Yaen’s forces. The event integrates interesting features like alliance matching, personal point scoring, lifestone delivery, and much more, promising an immersive gaming experience.

Roots of War Registration: How to Join

There are a few requirements in order to participate in the Roots of War event. The first requirement is that your Alliance must be in the top 20 by power in your server’s Alliance Power Rankings when registration opens. Your alliance also must have at least 10 alliance towers, but most alliances have more, so that will not be a problem.

Once registration is open, you can only participate in the Roots of War event through your current Alliance. So if you switch to a new Alliance while the Roots of War event is active, you’ll be unable to join the Roots of War event in the new alliance. Also, if you join an Alliance after registration has opened, you will not be able to be part of the Roots of War team.

When registration is over, players will be locked in, which means that alliance leaders and officers will not be able to make further changes. So it is best to make preparations and a list of players a few days before the event starts.

Player Management

Alliance Leaders and officers can manage players, so if you want to participate, you have to contact them. In total, they can choose 30 players who will fight and 10 substitutes. It is necessary to choose substitutes because not all players will be able to participate because of IRL stuff or because they simply forgot that the event started.

So if they do not show up at the event, substitutes will be able to take their place instead. Keep in mind that only players who have a City Hall level over 16 are able to participate.

Call of Dragons Roots of War Map

Start of Battle in War of Roots

Start of Battle in War of Roots

When the War of Roots battle starts, teams will have 3 minutes to prepare, gates will be closed, and during those 3 minutes, players will not be able to take buildings, deploy troops, or take each point. After those three minutes, players can send their troops into action.

There is no restriction on how you can use troops, basically, it is the same as fighting on the map without an event.



There are a few things that you have to know about healing in War of Roots. The first thing is that your troops can not die. They will be wounded and sent to the Druid Hut, where you can heal them. Also, there is no limit on how many troops can be in the druid hut. You can heal your wounded troops, but we do not recommend that if you are losing or winning with a huge difference in points. Only heal them if the core is close and you need extra troops to secure a win.

Field of View

The map is covered in fog, and you will not be able to see your enemy until you get close to your Field of view. You can also see your alliance members and their fields of View. So it is important that you communicate with your alliance members if you spot an enemy moving or attacking.


In Roots of War, you can also use Behemoths, the same as in the normal version of the game. Each alliance can spawn Behemoths three times. Keep in mind that only Beastmasters can spawn Behemoths. Behemoths will appear next to the Beastmaster’s camp, and he will be able to control them.

Roots of War Score System

Now the most important part is the Score System in Roots of War. There are a lot of different ways to search for scores:

  • First occupation: When players occupy a building, the alliance will get a score, and players who occupy a building will also get an individual score.
  • Defending Building: If a building is under the control of an alliance, it will generate a certain amount of alliance points each minute. So it is important to have as many buildings as possible under control.
  • Defeating Units: When a player defeats units, he will be rewarded with an individual score, this does not contribute to the alliance score.
  • Lifestone: There is a special item that will appear on the map called Lifestone. When it appears, players have 15 minutes to deliver it to a building in their control or a neutral building. The team that delivers Lifestone to the building will be rewarded with a lot of alliance points. The number of points that you can get from Lifestone increases with each successful delivery. Keep in mind that only flying units can pick it up. It is important that you use the best flying heroes in the game and equip them with the best artifacts. You can also add some movement speed to them via the talent tree so they can deliver lifestones faster and escape the enemies.

Down below, you can find a table with all the ways to earn points.

FeatureActivityAlliance PointsIndividual Points
HallFirst Occupation75075
HallOngoing Occupation150/minute15/minute
TreeFirst Occupation40040
TreeOngoing Occupation80/minute8/minute
Guard TowerFirst Occupation808
Guard TowerOngoing Occupation30/minute3/minute
Lvl 1 Lunambrite PoolGathering33150
Lvl 2 Lunambrite PoolGathering49225
Lvl 3 Lunambrite PoolGathering66300
KillsAttacking010K Power = 40
KillsDefending010K Power = 80
KillsField010K Power = 40

Battle Sync

Battle Sync

Battle Sync is a system that will upgrade all your heroes to the max level for the Roots of War event. Keep in mind that this does not affect the main game. When battle sync is active, you will be able to configure your talent tree.

There will be a few suggested builds, and you can import talents from the main game. We recommend that you create custom Call of Dragons talent tree builds. The reason is that each hero is unique and, in most cases, will not get the full potential from generic talent tree builds.

Battle Sync effects also affect artifacts the same as Hero levels. All your artifacts will be max level.

Legion Capacity

Legion Capacity will increase with the change of season.

This Battle Sync is excellent, and the reason is that Kingdoms are getting season resets where you will lose all levels from your hero. So Battle Sync will allow you to use heroes even if they are low-level. Keep in mind that Battle Sync does not affect your hero’s skill level.

Active Buffs

There are a lot of buffs that you can get in Call of Dragons, but not all of them will be active during Roots of War. So we created a list where you can see what buffs will be active and inactive during the event.

Buff SourceStatusBuff Type
TechnologyActivePersonal Buffs
Honorary MembershipActivePersonal Buffs
FactionActivePersonal Buffs
Alliance TitleActivePersonal Buffs
BuildingActivePersonal Buffs
City ThemeActivePersonal Buffs
ItemActiveTemporary Buffs
RuneInactiveTemporary Buffs
Alliance TechnologyInactiveSeason Reset
VillageInactiveSeason Reset
BehemothInactiveSeason Reset

Roots of War Rewards

Roots of War Rewards

Roots of War Rewards are insanely good, especially if you are a free-to-play player. If your alliance manages to win and you are able to collect 10,000 individual points, you will get 10 legendary tokens and other rewards. What is most important is that you manage to get 10,000 individual points, so even if your alliance loses, you will be able to get five legendary tokens.

Roots of War Rewards

Additional Roots of War Info and Tips

There is no stamina in Roots of War. We all know that Call of Dragons has a stamina system, which is great because it prevents pay-to-win players from dominating, but in this event, the stamina system is removed. This means that you can attack and do whatever you want with your troops. So do not be afraid to attack.

There is no teleportation: In this game mode, there is no teleportation. This means that you will have to equip your commander with more match speed, manage them better, and position them better. Do not attack a large group of enemies alone, you will just lose your troops and waste time walking back. So be smart when you are attacking.

No Attacking or Rallying Cities: In Roots of War, you cannot attack or rally cities. This prevents players from hitting enemy players’ cities. Instead, concentrate on engaging enemies in the open field. For some players, this is good, while others are sad about it because they had a lot of fun attacking and rallying cities in games like Rise Of Kingdoms.

Switching Talent Tree: Once the match has started, you will not be able to change your talent tree build. So before the match starts, make sure that you have the right talent tree built around your heroes.

Switching Artifacts: You will be able to switch artifacts during the match.

Substitutes Swap: For now, substitutes can enter the match at any time, but the main player must leave. If the main player runs out of troops, it is recommended that he leave the match and substitutes get in. This way, you will have fresh troops ready to fight.

Gather Lunambrite Pools: Lunambrite Pools will give individual points and alliance points when you bring troops back to the city after they gather. Now, if you do not have the best pairings and all five marches for fighting, it is best that you create one pairing for gathering. This way, you and your alliance will benefit more and earn more points.

If you are new to the Roots of War event, make sure that you watch the gameplay video by Hulksden Gaming. You will get a better understanding of how the event works and what you have to do. If you need a visual guide, you can always watch a video by Hulksden Gaming on Roots of War event.

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