Waldyr Talent Tree Build & Guide

Waldyr Talent Tree Build & Guide

Rank: Epic
Race: Human
Map Buffs: PvP
Faction: League of Order
Unit Buffs: Magic
Team Role: Skills

Waldyr Rating

4.1/5 - (123 votes)

Waldyr Talent Tree Build

Waldyr Magic Talent Tree
Waldyr Skill Talent Tree 1
Waldyr Skill Talent Tree
Waldyr Behemoths Talent Tree
Waldyr Behemoths Talent Tree

Waldyr Guide

Waldyr is the strongest epic hero for mage units. His skills are dealing AOE damage, buffing him to deal even more damage, and increasing his sustain. Make sure that you max him out as soon as it is possible, especially if you are a free-to-play player. You will use him all the time, especially in the early game.

Waldyr Pairings


Liliya is the best hero that you can pair with Waldyr. Together, they have insane synergy and AOE damage. One of the strongest, if not the strongest, pairings in the game. The problem with Liliya is that it is only available to pay-to-win players. This means that you can only obtain her through the in-game shop. If you are planning to use this pairing, then make sure that you are using the Liliya talent tree build


Atheus is the best pairing for Waldyr if you are a free-to-play player. Together, they will deal an insane amount of single-target damage, and Atheus also has skills that increase range generation. So with that skill and the Atheus talent tree build, Waldyr will be able to cast his primary skill more often, which means more damage. 


Alwyn is a great hero to pair with Waldyr. The reason is that they have great synergy. Together, they will be able to do a decent amount of damage. They will also significantly slow down enemy troops and apply debuffs to them, allowing your other troops to deal even more damage. Feel free to check out Alwyn’s talent tree if you’re planning to use him as the primary commander. 

Waldyr Artifacts

Breath of JargentisLegendaryMagic/Support
Fang of AshkariLegendaryMagic/PvP/Tank
Phoenix EyeLegendaryMagic/Assault
Staff of the ProphetLegendaryMagic/Mobility
Tear of ArbonLegendaryMagic/PvP/Support
Freezing RingEpicMagic/Tank
Magic BombEpicMagic/PvP/Assault
Spirit BangleEpicMagic/PvP/Support
Staff of SpringEpicMagic/PvP/Support

These are the best artifacts for Waldyr. Now, what artifact from this list you will use on Waldyr depends on a lot of factors, are you doing PVP or PVE content, what do you want to achieve, what artifacts do you have available, etc. So go into Call of Dragons and read what each artifact is doing from this list, and you will find one that suits you best.

Waldyr Skills

Ice Breath

Rage Skill
Rage Cost: 1,000 
Attack Range: Far 

Deals Magic Skill damage once to the target Legion and up to 3 Legions surrounding it (Damage Factor 300, affected by Legion’s Magic ATK) and inflicts Gloom on them, reducing their ATK by 4% for 2s. 

Upgrade Preview: 
Skill Damage Factor 300 / 370 / 440 / 510 / 600 
ATK reduction 4%/ 8%/12%/ 16%/ 20%

Royal Court Mage

Passive Skill 
All Magic units in Waldyr’s Legion gain 3% Magic ATK and 3% HP. 

Upgrade Preview: 
Magic ATK bonus 3%/ 4%/ 6%/ 8%/ 10%
HP bonus 3%/ 4%/ 6%/ 8%/ 10%


Passive Skill
The Hero’s Legion deals 4% extra Skill damage.

Upgrade Preview: 
Skill damage dealt bonus 4%/ 6%/ 8%/ 11%/ 15%

Icy Veins

Passive Skill 
When Skill damage is taken, grants a Shield that can absorb a large amount Of damage for the Legion (Shield Factor 200). This effect can be triggered once per 20s.

Upgrade Preview: 
Shield Factor 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600

Tide of Winter 

Skill Enhanced: Ice Breath 
After Awakening 
Magic Skill damage once to the target Legion and up to 4 Legions surrounding it (Damage Factor 700, affected by Legion’s Magic ATK) and inflicts Gloom and Freeze on them, reducing their ATK by 20% and their March Speed by 20% for 2s.

Waldyr Overview

Check out this video by Hulksden Gaming if you want a detailed explanation of the Waldyr talent tree, skill sets, and playstyles.

Waldyr Description

Waldyr always has a trick up his sleeve except for when it comes to his little sister. Though this combat veteran has his own way of looking at the world, he is sworn to obey the orders of the king and restore order to Tamaris.

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