Atheus Talent Tree Build & Guide

Atheus Talent Tree Build & Guide

Rank: Epic
Race: Celestial
Map Buffs: PvP
Faction: League of Order
Unit Buffs: Magic
Team Role: Mobility

Atheus Rating

4.1/5 - (46 votes)

Atheus Talent Tree Build

Atheus Mobility Talent Tree
Atheus Mobility Talent Tree
Atheus Magic Talent Tree

Atheus Guide

Atheus is not that great a hero. You can use him as a new player for your flying units but look for his replacement, especially if you are fighting a lot in PVP.

Atheus Pairings


One of the best heroes that you can pair with Atheus is Waldyr. Together they will have great single-target damage and rage generation, which allows them to cast more skills. So make sure to use this pairing, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Whether you use the Atheus or Waldyr talent tree depends on your situation and goal. 


If you do not have Waldyr available, then you can pair Atheus with Alwyn. They are a decent pairing for mage units. They will deal decent damage and slow when combined.

Atheus Artifacts

Phoenix EyeLegendaryMagic/Assault
Fang of AshkariLegendaryMagic/PvP/Tank
Staff of the ProphetLegendaryMagic/Mobility
Tear of ArbonLegendaryMagic/PvP/Support
Breath of JargentisLegendaryMagic/Support
Spirit BangleEpicMagic/PvP/Support
Freezing RingEpicMagic/Tank
Magic BombEpicMagic/PvP/Assault
Staff of SpringEpicMagic | PvP | Support

These are the best artifacts for Atheus. Now, what artifact from this list you will use on Atheus depends on a lot of factors, are you doing PVP or PVE content, what do you want to achieve, what artifacts do you have available, etc. So go into Call of Dragons and read what each artifact is doing from this list, and you will find one that suits you best.

Atheus Overview

Check out this Atheus video by Hulksden Gaming if you want a detailed explanation of the Atheus talent tree, skill sets, and playstyles.

Atheus Skills


Rage Skill
Rage Cost: 1,000 
Attack Range: Far 

Deals Magic Skill damage once to the target Legion (Damage Factor 300 affected by Legion’s Magic ATK).

Upgrade Preview: 
Skill Damage Factor  300 / 400 / 500 / 650 / 800

Eye of Insight 

Passive Skill 
Normal attacks have a 30% chance to grant Atheus’s Legion 20 Rage. 

Upgrade Preview: 
Extra Rage gained 20 /30 /40 /50 /60

Sanctified Wings 

Passive Skill
Legion gains 5% HP. If Legion contains only Flying units, all healing they receive is increased by 5%. 

Upgrade Preview: 
HP bonus: 5%/ 7%/ 9%/ 15%/ 20%
Healing received bonus 5%/ 8%/ 11%/ 15%/ 20%

Winged Embrace

Passive Skill 
Legion March Speed is increased by 5% and all damage taken is reduced by 3%.

Upgrade Preview: 
March Speed bonus 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20% 
Damage taken reduction 3% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10% 

Redemptive Healer 

Passive Skill- Additional Skill 
30% chance to grant healing when attacked (Healing Factor 400). This effect can be triggered once every 10s.

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