How to get gems in Call of Dragons Guide

How to get gems in Call of Dragons Guide

Gems in Call of Dragons are the most important resources. With gems, you can do anything inside a game like upgrading your Honor level, getting hero tokens, and resources, speeding up your research and so much more. You can do anything with them but they are extremely hard to get. We can put obtaining gems in 3 different categories like free gems that you will get from completing events and quests, gems from bundles and gems that you can get by farming. 

Farming Gems 

Farming Gems Call of Dragons

Farming gems is easy but at the same time hard thing to do. It is easy because all you have to do is send gathering heroes to farm gems but it is hard if your server is populated with players. If there are a lot of players on your server then you will have a hard time finding gems to farm because all other players will also want to farm gems. 

Before you can farm gems in Call of Dragons you have to research Gem Prospecting. It is located in Internal Affairs. Once you research it you will be able to farm gems but keep in mind that each season you will have to research it again. If you are a new player there is no point in farming gems and researching gem technology. It is better to focus on permanent technologies and farm other resources. Once you get to max technology and city hall you can start with farming gems. 

Gems From Event and Quest

In Call of Dragons, you will come across a lot of events and quests that will have gems as part of the rewards. Make sure that you give your best and try to complete every single event and quest that is in the game. With Time you will be able to accumulate a lot of gems.  

Special Events- there are so many different events that will give you gems. Some of the events will be easy to complete while some of them will be hard. You will need every single gem. 

Fighter NPC- there are a lot of NPC monsters that will have gems as part of the loot drop. So make sure that you destroy as many as you can. 

Daily Quests- every day you will be able to get a few gems by completing daily quests. They are easy to complete. 

Whale alliance- One important thing that can give you an absurd amount of gems by joining a whale alliance. In whale alliance, there will be a lot of spenders who are purchasing bundles every day. Whenever a player purchases a bundle you will get a free chest and in that chest, you have a chance to get gems. 

Gems from in-game bundles

Gems from in-game bundles

In Call Of Dragons, you will find a lot of different bundles that you can purchase and all of them will contain some amount of gems. Bundles that will give you most of them are Growth Found, Monthly Pack and first purchase in Gem Market. Growth is found in the most important one because you will be able to get 82000 gems with an insane amount. 

Conclusion Gems are the most valuable type of resource in Call of Dragons and you have to get as much as you can. Focus on completing every single event and quest that has gems as part of rewards and do not forget to use Call of Dragons codes where you will also get free gems. It is best to start farming gems when you get to the end game and be careful how you are spending your gems.

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