Best Bundles and Packs in Call Of Dragons

Best Bundles and Packs in Call Of Dragons

In Call Of Dragons, there are a lot of bundles and packs that players can purchase. They are implemented because Call of Dragons is a free-to-play game and developers have to get funding so they can keep updating the game. Bundles and packs will give an advantage to players and that is the reason why a lot of players hate them and they are against them. But what is great about Call Of Dragons is that there is great synergy between players who are spending and players who do not.

There are a lot of different bundles that you can purchase but not all of them will give you great value. So this guide will help you to know what bundles to prioritize and what bundles to avoid so you can get the best value for your money. After you decide what bundle you will get, make sure you redeem all Call of Dragons codes where you will get some valuable items for free. 

Growth Found

Growth Fund is the best pack in Call Of Dragons that you can get. Keep in mind that you can purchase growth found only once per account. In total, you will get 82000 gems which is a huge amount. In growth found you will be able to claim a certain number of gems every time you level your City Hall.

What is great about growth found is that you can purchase it later in the game and you will still be able to claim all gems. So if you are not sure if you are willing to spend on the game you can wait until you reach level 25. Then you can purchase it if you want and claim all 82000 gems at one. 

If you are planning to play the game for a long time we think that this is the best investment, it will help you a lot with your progression and help you reach Honor level 10 where you will get 2 legendary hero tokens each day. 

Gem Market

Gem Market Call Of Dragons

Gem Market is a great place to get a lot of gems. The first time when you purchase gems from Gem Market you will get double the value. Now it is best to purchase 12500 gems bundles because you will need them to get on Honor 8.

It is one of the best investments that you can make at the start of the game. When you invest your gems in Honor 8 you will unlock a second research queue, every day you will get a free legendary hero token and 2 epic hero tokens. So the value is great. The first time you purchase a pack in the gem market you will get double gems but the second time you will not. So it is best not to spend on the same pack twice, there are better options. 

Monthly Packs 

Monthly Packs Call of Dragons Guide

This is the third best thing that you can purchase in Call of Dragons. The duration of the pack is 30 days and during that 30 days, you will get gems, resources, speedups, etc. There are 2 versions of the Monthly Pack and they are basic and advanced. Now it depends on your budget what you should purchase but we recommend that you take the Advanced monthly pack because you will need every single gem that you can get. After 30 days you will have to purchase it again in order to get gems every day. 

Daily Deals 

Daily Deals 

Daily deals are amazing to get legendary hero tokens fast. The only downside with Daily Deal is that you will need some luck on your side because it is not guaranteed that you will get legendary tokens. You can get an epic token, silver key, and gold key also.

Now you should get 3 legendary tokens every 3 chests that you open. So if you have extra to invest and you need legendary tokens then this is one of the best things that you can get. You can purchase 3 different Daily Deals chests but we recommend you only purchase the first one which is the cheapest. 

Great Value Bundles 

Great value bundles is a place where you can get a lot of different things that you need like legendary tokens, speedups, resources, gems and so much more. But they will not give you that great value like the bundles and packs we mentioned above. Great value bundles are for players that are called whales who are sending insane amounts of money on the game. So if you are low on the budget we do not recommend you to spend it. Just stick with one that we mentioned before. 

Every time you purchase a Great value bundle, it will be reset and you will be able to purchase a sasme bundle but now it will have more items and it will be more expensive. Currently, the best Great value bundle is Heroes of Tamaris where you will get valuable legendary tokens that are hard to get. 

Later when we purchase all the bundles we will add a spreadsheet so you can see what bundles will give you. 

Best time to Purchase Bundles and Packs

In Call of Dragons, you can purchase bundles and packs at any time but we do not recommend you to do that. Reasons that there are events called Purchase Payback or Recharge rewards where you will get additional items when you purchase bundles and packs.

The value that Purchase Payback or Recharge rewards will give you is insane and it is worth waiting for them to pop up. In them, you will get items like gems, speedups, resources, legendary tokens and even some legendary artifacts. So make sure that you wait for it before you start spending. 

Popup Bundles

Popup Bundles

When you complete certain research or when you summon a legendary hero a new time-limited bundle will pop up. These bundles can give you some really good value so make sure that you take a closer look at them and see if they have something that you really need like legendary tokens, gems, or mana. 

Spend Responsibly

Call of Dragons is just a game that a lot of people are playing from all over the world. You will have a lot of fun and you will be tempted to spend more than you have. We are recommending certain bundles, but we would like to warn you that you have to be mindful of your spending and things twice before you do that. Spend only if you can afford it and be careful. Have fun and spend responsibly.


Call of Dragon is a popular game created by well known developers. There are a lot of players who are playing the game spending a lot of money on bundles and packs. There is a problem with spending inside a game is that a lot of players do not know how to allocate their budget and they spend more than they can afford. In this article, we pointed out what the best bundles and packs are but still, we do not recommend you to spend on any of them.

Call of Dragons is a free game and you can progress fast as a free-to-player player with your activity and commitment. Just have fun, enjoy the game and if you are going to purchase bundles and packs that get ones that will give you the most value possible. If you get bundles that will give you hero tokens you should check out the Call of Dragons Tier List so you know which hero you should invest in. 

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