Dragon Trail in Call of Dragons Guide: Complete higher levels

Dragon Trail in Call of Dragons Guide

Dragon Trail is a game mode in Call of Dragons where you will fight against enemies and complete various stages. For clearing each stage, you will get rewards for the first time clearing it, and that stage will start producing points that you can claim each day. Also, there is a Dragon Trail Shop where you can get various commanders and rewards.

Dragon Trail is hard for new players, and most likely you will struggle. It will be at the beginning, but after some time you will need 5 sets of troops, tier 4 troops, and strong heroes. 

What is great about Dragon Trail in Call of Dragons is that your troops will not die or go to the hospital. You can do as much as you want. That is why a lot of players are testing their heroes and troops in Dragon Trail. 

Why is the Dragon Trail Important

Why is the Dragon Trail Important

There are a few reasons why the Dragon Trail is important in Call of Dragons. Every player should give their best to complete all stages. 

For Completing stages you will get 3 different currencies

  • Dragonglass- used to purchase items in Dragon Trail Shop 
  • Prestige- Used to enact Policies
  • Experience- items to level up your heroes.

How to complete higher levels in the Dragon Trail.

Be part of an alliance that has strong military technology and controls behemoths that give damage bonuses.

If you are a new player, it is almost impossible to complete all the stages in Dragon Trail. You must obtain all of the items listed above. If you are struggling, then you have to increase your power even more. 

Keep in mind that on the main stages, you w ill use your troops, heroes, and buffs, while on the side stages, you will have to use what the game is offering. If you need a visual guide, you can always watch a video by Hulksden Gaming on Dragon Trail.

Dragon Trail Loot 

Every hour, you will get dragon glass, prestige, and experience, but the amount that you will get depends on how many stages you have cleared. There is an option for quick loot, and you can claim one every day. Quick loot will give you 2 H worth of collected loot, so do not forget to claim it daily. 

Dragon Trail Store 

Dragon Trail Store Call of Dragons

The Dragon Trail Store in Call of Dragons is a place where you can get items like speedups, and resources, but most importantly, you can get hero tokens. 

If you are a new player, then we strongly advise you to purchase chakcha tokes because you want to improve your gathering skills so you can farm more resources. After you get Chakcha, get epic tokens because epic heroes are much easier to upgrade if you are a new player.

By getting epic heroes from the Dragon Trail Store, you will max them out faster, which will allow you to complete more dragon trail stages and progress faster through the game. 

After you get some decent epic heroes, you can start purchasing Indis tokens. We do not recommend you purchase them as a new player because they are quite expensive. But it is up to you what you want to purchase from the store.

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