How To Get Treaty and Rally Building Upgrade Requirement

How To Get Treaty and Rally Building Upgrade Requirement

One of the hardest things to do in Call of Dragons is getting the rally building to max level. The reason is that you will need a huge amount of items called Treaty that are used to upgrade rally buildings. The problem with treaty items is that they are hard to get, especially because there are not a lot of events that will give you one as part of a reward.

Upgrading the rally building is by far the hardest and longest process that will take a lot of time and dedication. You have to play every day and spend all your CP in order to get a treaty so you can upgrade your rally building on level 25.

It is important to know that without a rally building on level 25, you will not be able to upgrade your research building to level 25, which means that you will not be able to research tier 5 troops

In this guide, we will talk about rally building, treaty requirements, and all ways to get treaty items.

How to get a treaty item

How to get a treaty item

There are a few ways to get treaty items, but the most efficient way is by destroying darkling forts. But only destroying the darkling fort will not be enough, so you have to use other ways of getting a treaty as well. You will destroy as many darkling forts as you can because you will need an absurd amount of treaty items.

To upgrade the rally building from level 24 to level 25, you will need 5000 treaties. Now keep in mind that you can get only 5 treaties per fort if you are lucky. Usually, that amount is lower. That is why you should focus on getting as many treaty items as you can from the start. 

Spending Gems- for 10 gems, you can get one treaty. Now the problem with this is that it is hard to get gems, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Also, a lot of players are spending gems to increase their honor level. So it is best to rush level 8 honor using gems, and then you can start spending gems on treaties.

Alliance chest- every time when alliance members purchase a chest or destroy the darling fort, the whole alliance will get a small chest. When you open that chest, you will get a random reward, which can include a treaty. So try to join an active alliance so you can get as many chests as you can. 

VIP chest call of dragons

VIP chest- VIP chest will give you a good amount of treaties, but the problem is that you have to spend money, and they are quite expensive. So if you are a pay-to-win player, you can purchase them. You will also get some pretty strong heroes.

Season rewards- at the end of each season, if your alliance did well, you will be able to purchase a treaty. How much you can now buy is determined by how well your alliance performed. The maximum amount you can buy is 1,000 treaties. It is 100% worth it because, when you convert that into gems, that is 10000 gems.

Farming darkling forts- Each time you destroy a darkling fort, you will get rewards, and those rewards will be a certain number of treaties. How many you will get depends on your overall damage on Darkling Fort, but it is almost impossible to get the maximum amount, which is 5 treaties.

The most efficient way to farm treaty

The most efficient way to farm treaty

We covered all the ways to get a treaty in Call of Dragons but they are not that efficient. The most efficient and fastest way to get a treaty is by farming Darkling forts alone with your main and farm accounts. Now, this is impossible to do if you are a new player, but later, when you get to tier 4 units, you will have no problem using this method. Keep in mind that you need a farm account for this. 

  • Relocate your main and farm accounts far away from alliance members.
  • You will start the rally on darkling forts that are levels 1, 2, and 3. There is no reason to attack 4, or 5 levels because they are hard to do alone and you will just waste your time. 
  • When you start the rally on darkling fort level 3 or 2 with the main account, go to the farm account and join the rally. Now, from the farm account, start the rally on the darkling fort that is level 1 or 2, and go back to the main account. From the main account, join the rally that you have created on the farm account. 
  • It is easy to switch accounts, and once you learn how to do it, you will be able to get a lot of treatises. 

Now we recommend you play Call of Dragons on PC because it is much easier to control the main and farm accounts. Also, if you do not know what a farm account is, check out our guide about farm accounts and how to create one

After reading this method, you will probably wonder if it’s worth it and why you should do it. The reason why you should do this is simple. The amount of treaty that you will get from destroying the fort depends on the overall damage that you have done.

When you are in a rally with five or more players, you will deal less overall damage, which means that you will get less treaty. With this method, you will get a lot of time max amount which is 5 because your main account will deal almost all the damage on the fort. Also, you will not waste your time waiting for alliance members who are joining from far away. 

Rally Building Upgrade Requirements

Rally Building Upgrade Requirements

Rally building upgrade requirements are extremely high. It will cost a lot of resources, but that is not a problem. The problem is the requirement of the treaty. You will need an absurd amount of them and they are hard to get.

Rally Building Upgrade Requirements

Rally Building LEVELTreatyCOST IN GEMS
Level 100
Level 2220
Level 3550
Level 4880
Level 515150
Level 620200
Level 730300
Level 840400
Level 950500
Level 1070700
Level 1180800
Level 121001000
Level 131251250
Level 141501500
Level 153003000
Level 165005000
Level 177007000
Level 189009000
Level 19120012000
Level 20150015000
Level 21180018000
Level 22200020000
Level 23250025000
Level 24300030000
Level 25500050000

You want to focus on upgrading the rally building from the start, and the reason is that you will get all your technology research done, but you will not be able to research tier 5 units without having the rally building at level 25. So you waste a lot of days without researching until you get your rally building to level 25. So be extremely careful and do not make this mistake that a lot of players make and do in games similar to Call of Dragons.

If you take a look at the table, you will notice that you need 20,095 treaty items in order to level up your rally building from level 1 to level 25. When you convert that into gems, you will get a nice sum of 200,950 gems. Now let’s say that you get a maximum drop of 5 treaties for each fort.

You will need to destroy 4000 forts in order to get all the treaties that you need. Now keep in mind that you are limited on CP, and there is a chance that you will not get a drop. That is why rally building is the hardest to get on level 25 if you are a free-to-play player. If you need extra gems for a treaty, you can use Call of Dragons codes.

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