Call of Dragons Alliance Titles Guide

Call of Dragons Alliance Titles Guide

Alliance titles in Call of Dragons are unique buffs that only alliance officers can get. In order to get them, you have to be part of an alliance. Titles that alliance officers can get will give an incredibly small amount of buff. In most cases, it is not even worth getting them, the only one that is ok is for gathering speed, and the rest of them are incredibly small. 

There are four different alliance titles available in Call of Dragons, and only alliance leaders can give them. This means that the first alliance leader must choose you as an R4 officer before he will give you the title. 

Alliance title list

Alliance title list


Scholar will give you buffs: +1% Building Speed and +1% Research Speed

Now, this title is ok if you are going to build or research something that takes a long time to finish. It is best to ask for this title if you are getting close to your tier 5 units. 


Warmaster will give you buffs: +1% Troop Attack and +1% Troop Defense

If you are a normal player, you can completely ignore these titles. Only pay-to-win players who are fighting a lot can benefit from it, especially if they are rallying building and objectives. 


Envoy will give you a buff: +1% Troop Health

Same as Warmaster. Only pay-to-win players will benefit from it. 


Saintess will give you a buff: +10% Gathering Speed

This is an excellent title to have, but the problem is that there is only one, and you will have a hard time getting it. You have to be extremely good with alliance leaders or do a lot of work for the alliance to get this title. One more problem is that a lot of alliance leaders will give this title to their farm account


There are only 4 alliance titles available, but there are over 100 alliance members. So you will have a hard time getting it. It is best to completely ignore it if you are a normal player. It is just a waste of time.

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