Call of Dragons Review 2024 – Is Call of Dragons good?

Call of Dragons Review

This Call of Dragons review that you will read on this page is based on my personal experience and gameplay. Also, I have years of experience in mobile games and similar games. Before we start, we want to say that we are not affiliated with or paid for by the Call of Dragons developers.

Call of Dragons is a unique game that has unique gameplay and style, but most importantly, you can move your troops wherever you want, which most city-building mobile games do not have. When you take a look at available games for mobile, most of them are the same, where you can only build your city, attack, and defend. You have no freedom like in Call of Dragons. The only game that has this unique feature is Rise of Kingdoms, which was developed by the same company.

What makes Call of Dragons a good game?

Call of Dragons is a great game because of its community, team gameplay, big fights, strategy, graphics, events, and so much more. The developers did excellent work on creating this game, and they almost made it perfect from the start. This was possible because they have a lot of data from their other games, and most of the features that you will find in Call of Dragons were taken from their popular game, Rise of Kingdoms.


The first and most important aspect of Call of Dragons is community. Players from all around the world are playing this game, and in 99% of cases, they are friendly and always willing to help you, even if you are fighting against them. If you have any questions or want to be part of a community, you can visit the official Call of Dragons Discord, Reddit, and Facebook groups.

Events and game modes

events in Call of Dragons

There are a lot of different events in Call of Dragons that you can take part in. They implemented a lot of great events from Rise of Kingdoms and added some unique ones. All events in the game will provide you with rewards to help you progress faster.


The graphics in Call of Dragons are insanely good, and you can see that they spent a lot of time and resources on it. The map is beautiful, full of enemies and wonders, the heroes are unique, the heroes’ skill effects are awesome, etc. We say with 100% confidence that Call of Dragons has some of the best graphics and design quality of all mobile games.

Player Feedback

If you go to the official Call of Dragons discord, you will see a section where you can leave feedback. If your feedback gets enough votes, it will go to the developers, who will take a look. What is great about this is that developers are listening to players’ feedback.

Developers will change or remove the game mode or system that is in the game if enough people are against it. There are a lot of cases where the community has requested certain changes and features that are now available in the game.

Pay to Win

Pay to Win

Now the most important thing that a lot of players are wondering about is whether Call of Dragons pay to win game. Yes, Call of Dragons is a pay-to-win game like most mobile games. Now, it is not as terrible as in other games like Rise of Kingdoms. In Call of Dragons, there are a lot of bundles and packs that you can purchase.

But what makes Call of Dragons less pay to win is that heroes have stamina. So for every attack, the hero will lose stamina, and there is no way to get stamina. You have to wait for your stamina to be recharged. This means that pay-to-win players can not fight all day. They are limited.

Not only are pay-to-win players limited, but now your alliance and kingdom have to plan every attack and how and when to use heroes. So there will be a lot more strategic planning and teamwork.

Now, will this be changed in the future? We do not know. Hopefully not otherwise it will become hard pay to win game. 

Is there a better game than Call of Dragons?

Currently, Call of Dragons is one of the best city-building games, and the reason is an unrestricted movement system where you can move your heroes how you want. The only game that is similar to Call of Dragons is Rise of Kingdoms, which you have most likely already played. So check out the Play Store and see what is popular, and check YouTube for gameplay. You will eventually find a game that you like.

Final words

Call of Dragons is an excellent game and more free-to-play friendly because of the heroes’ stamina. If you are not sure, go to YouTube and check out some gameplay of big fights and what else the game has to offer. We recommend you at least try it, and if you do not like it, you can always delete it. If you are more of a PC gamer than a mobile gamer, you can check out or follow our guide on how to download Call of Dragons on PC. Do not forget to redeem codes that will give you some free gems, speedups, and resources. 

Here is the gameplay of Call of Dragons.

After you test it, feel free to come back to this guide and rate it. Also, give your opinion below. 

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3 thoughts on “Call of Dragons Review 2024 – Is Call of Dragons good?”

  1. playcodnow

    Pay to Win?
    Definitely! Everything is micro-locked. CP limitations, free healing takes lot of time, instant heal = high rss+daily limit, low drop rates for artifacts though you may unlock legendary heroes with comparably better chance, hero star raise is limited to 1 star at a time, artifact upgrade is hard, hero experience gain is cumbersome and takes lot of grinding or waiting with gathering commanders, list goes on.

    Yes, this is one of a kind game, but meant for P2W players. F2P can enjoy if they care less for rewards/progression and hold patience just .

    Is there a better game than Call of Dragons?
    Well, there are games other than CoD and RoK that have unrestricted movement system like DLS which is more F2P friendly.

    Final words!
    If you want to enjoy the magestic creativity of a game after getting fed up with same concepts, low graphics etc,. this is a game for you. But if you want to be on top and competitive, be ready to rip your pockets. As an F2P, never expect to be on par with top players, cause you will be 200k power while they will be 2-20M.

  2. Don’t waste your time. I uninstalled after 2 minutes. Thousands of buttons. Basically shit. This is what happens when company makes games… Boooooring!

  3. Hello, I have enjoyed the game so far. Season 1 is over and 4 complete servers are unleashed on just 4 countries. I have already invested a lot in the game but now I’m thinking about quitting the game because it is no longer fun. To the developers: make the maps bigger not smaller. So only increases the frustration to play on this small space.

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