Farm Account Guide Call of Dragons

Farm Account Guide Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, you can create farm accounts that will send resources to your main account. There are a lot of benefits to having a farm account, like getting resources to your main account, boosting your rank on events, farming solo barbarian forts, etc.

Because there are a lot of benefits, we advise every player to have at least one farm account. It is best to create it as soon as you create your main account so that you can support it with resources. You will never run out of resources if you have a farm account, allowing you to upgrade buildings, conduct research, and obtain Tier 5 units faster.

How to create a farm account

farm account call of dragons

Currently, in Call of Dragons, every player is limited to one account per kingdom, but that will probably change in the future. So to create a farm account in Call of Dragons, you will have to

  • Create a new mail address.
  • Go to settings and tap on the account.
  • Choose a new mali
How to create a farm account in Call of Dragons

That is all you have to do. Now, before you do that, make sure that your main account is linked to mail so you do not lose any progress, and you do not want to do that. Even if you are not planning to create a farm account, you have to link your main account. There is always a chance that you lose your phone and break it, and without a linked account, you will not be able to access that account.

When you create a farm account, make sure that you are in the same kingdom as your farm account. If you want to go back to the main account, go to the account and select mail, where your main account is. 

What to upgrade on Farm account 

What to upgrade on Farm account 

When you create a farm account, you will have to upgrade and level up certain things so you can get as many resources as you can. 

The first thing that you have to do is upgrade your city hall to level 13. The reason is that you will need an Alliance Market building that will allow you to send resources to your main account or to other players. 

Make sure that you upgrade your resource production buildings so you can produce more resources. When it comes to technology on farm accounts, you have to upgrade the economic technology so you can produce and gather even more resources.

When it comes to heroes, all you need are those with gathering talent trees. They will allow you to farm and gather even more resources. You can also get some artifacts for gathering to boost your fasting even more.

Benefits of having a farm account

More Resources

In Call of Dragons, you will need a huge amount of resources for different activities, and fighting and healing troops are one of them. When you are fighting and healing troops, you will need a lot of resources.

The most problematic resource is mana. So with your main account, you will be able to farm mana, while your farm account will farm gold and other resources for you. Also, do not forget to redeem all the Call of Dragons codes that will give you some free resources. 

Strongest Lord Boosting

Strongest Lord Boosting Call Of Dragons

The Strongest Lord in Call of Dragons is an extremely competitive and difficult event. It is almost impossible for free players to win these events. That is why they need help with a farm account. You can improve your Strongest Lord score by using a farm account.

  • Sending resources to the main account so you can train more troops
  • Attack the farm account so you can boost your kill score.

Now if you are close to the first spot, you can zero your farm account if you think that will be enough points to push you, but in the end, it is not worth it. 

Farm Treaty

Farm Treaty Call of Dragons

To get a treaty, you will have to destroy darkling forts, which can be hard if you do not have active alliance members. That is where a farm account can help you. 

When you get your tier 4 troops on your main account, you can farm darkling forts alone. Relocate away from your alliance and farm darkling forts that are level 1, 2, and 3 with your farm account and main account. So start the rally with the main account and join the rally with the farm account. By doing this, you will almost always get 5 treaties.

The reason is that when you join an alliance rally on Darkling Fort, you will deal overall less damage, and with less damage, the chance of getting a treaty will go down, and even when you do, the amount will be lower. 

Using a farm account to zero other players 

If you are a free-to-play player, you do not want to waste your troops on attacking cities. So if you have a farm account that has tier 4 troops and decent military technology, you can go and find dead cities that you will attack so you can steal the resources. 

How to manage farm accounts 

It can be complicated to manage farm accounts in Call of Dragons if you are playing on a mobile phone. That is why I recommend you download Call of Dragons on PC. By playing it on a PC using emulators, you will be able to manage them easier and play more accounts at once. This will save you so much time.

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