Call of Dragons Developer Q&A: Season 1+, improvements, new content, War Pets

Call of Dragons Developer Q&A 2

Hi Lords, It’s been a while since the last Developer Q&A, and the Call of Dragons team has been hard at work reviewing and incorporating your feedback. This Developer Q&A will focus on Season 1+, improvements to features, and a sneak peek at new content for Season 2—including War Pets!

  1. Since Season 1+ began, leveling up my Heroes again has felt like a grind, and it’s particularly slow leveling up Level 50+ non-Gathering Heroes. Will you be doing anything to change this?

    We’re aware that the leveling up experience in the new Season has left some players unsatisfied. We’re currently looking at ways to accelerate the leveling up process in new Seasons and enriching other aspects of gameplay. We’ll let know more about our plans when they’re ready—and we hope they’ll make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

  2. After a server merge, players start fighting over Regions straight away. The losing side barely even gets a chance to gather resources and fight in PvE properly, and this can affect their early-game development. Is there a way to avoid this?

    When a new Season starts, some players will take the lead and grow stronger, crowding out weaker players and giving them less breathing room. We’re looking into ways of fixing this problem, such as optimizing server merge matchmaking and introducing protection mechanisms in starting Regions at the beginning of a new Season—as well as other solutions.

  3. Rules for Semi-Protected Passes in Season 1+ have led to situations where an Alliance wins a battle against another Alliance, but then can’t attack the losing side’s starting Region—meanwhile, the losing side can still move through the Pass and harass Alliances outside it. Doesn’t that seem unfair?

    In Season 1+, we’ve discovered that some players will enter the Affiliated Region of other players in their Union, then attack their opponents. In order to make combat more fair and prevent situations where a defeated Alliance has no place to flee to, we have limited players’ ability to move through Passes if their Union does not control a Behemoth Lair in that Pass’s Region. In future Seasons, we’re planning to incorporate “Safe Zones” in order to make gameplay fairer. This feature is still under development, and we’ll let you know more when it’s ready!

  4. Will you add a ‘recall message’ feature to the Chat?

    You’ll be able to recall messages in 1.0.18. Just hold down the message bubble and a ‘rec

  5. Will you add a Union Chat feature?

    Since the new Season began, we’ve noticed that Alliances in Unions will often message each other for the purposes of planning and battle preparation. We’re currently working on a Union Chat feature, and we’ll let you know when we have more info!

  6. The Commander/Deputy pairing suggestions aren’t ones I usually use when I’m making a Legion, and it’s a pain to have to keep changing them. Are you doing anything to fix this?

    In 1.0.18, you’ll be able to swap out Commanders and Deputies quickly, making it easier to create different Legion configurations for different scenarios.

  7. Will you be adding Engineering Talents that allow Heroes to gain EXP through constructing buildings?

    We’re aware that Engineering doesn’t currently feel like a substantial aspect of the game, so we’re looking into ways of adjusting its role in-game. We’ll let you know when we have a workable solution.

  8. What new gameplay and events are coming up?

    1.0.18 will introduce War Pets! You’ll be able to capture them on the map and bring them to your Pet Sanctuary. Interacting with your pets in the Sanctuary could lead to some exciting surprises! Train your War Pets up to become stronger and more capable in battle, then unleash them in your fight against the darkness! And that’s not all—Season 2, “The Icebound Oath”, will begin with 1.0.18. The first batch of players will be able to explore Belleron from late August and enjoy all-new Season Stories! West of the Eternal Sea lies a land of new forces, new landforms, and new Behemoths. More news about “The Icebound Oath” will be available in the 1.0.18 version update announcement, so stay tuned!

That’s all for our Developer Q&A! If you have any questions or comments about what we’ve discussed, or any other aspect of the game, feel free to get in touch via our official Community pages or via Support. Thank you once again for supporting Call of Dragons! This FAQ was Posted on official COD discord server so make sure that you check it out.

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