Call of Dragons Update 1.0.18 “The Icebound Oath”

Call of Dragons Update 1.0.18 The Icebound Oath

Version 1.0.16 “Roots of War” will be released soon. Here are some details on the update:

Chaos Reigns! Season 2 Is On!

As the frigid wind blows hard, the hearth burns dim. Season 2 “The Icebound Oath” has launched! Players reaching the end of Season 1 “Burning Stars and Dragon Calls” and Season 1+ “Burning Stars” can now proceed to the realm of Belleron to experience a new season! Season 2 contents are summarized below.

Scenery and Setting: Belleron lies west of the Eternal Sea. For thousands of years, the Dwarven Kingdom of Kadwaladyr has ruled over the land. Marvel at its magnificent sandstone cliffs, visit the bustling Maekala Market—the “jewel of the desert”—and gaze upon the glorious Castle Frostforge, located atop Belleron’s breathtaking mountains.

Enemies: In Season 2, players will defend against the new Belleron faction, fighting the Dwarven Infantry and Dwarven Cavalry from the kingdom of Kadwaladyr.

New Behemoths: In Season 2, players can challenge two new Behemoths, the Frost Giant and Frost Dragon. For Behemoths that appeared in previous seasons, exclusive Behemoth Affixes have been added in Season 2, providing a novel battle experience!

Season Story: A great and sudden calamity—Frostfall—has ruptured the friendship between the Dwarves and Tamarians. Answer your compatriots’ call for aid and head to Belleron in search of the truth in an amazing new Season Adventure story!

Proving Grounds: Ancestor Statues forged by the Dwarves can be found at regional borders across Belleron. Fight for your Alliance in challenges set by the statues’ Dwarven guardians. After proving yourself to the ancestors, you’ll earn challenge points and receive blessings and rewards!

Exploration: The vast realm of Belleron is waiting to be explored! Visit themed villages to gain a deeper understanding of each region and unlock more of its secrets!

Season Cinematics: After starting Season 2, enjoy a new cinematic to kick off your legendary journey! You can also re-watch the cinematic at the Augurstone.

Pets and Pet Sanctuaries

Following the Night of Burning Stars, many lost their homes. Beasts roamed the land, suffering the corruption of dark forces. Purify the beasts so that they may join your Legion, fighting alongside your Heroes to defeat the enemy!

Pet Sanctuaries are now available! Purify beasts on the world map to allow them to enter your Pet Sanctuary. Nurture your War Pets and interact with them to get exciting surprises!According to the Merchants’ Guild, Pet Sanctuaries have just been built and will be further improved in the future. Lords are welcomed to provide suggestions and feedback!

The stories of the Legendary Heroes Syndrion, Ffraegar, Forondil, and Theodore have been updated. Speak with them to gain Trust!

An Even Richer Combat Experience!

  • Added two Legendary Heroes: Forondil (Cavalry, PvP, Control) and Theodore (Cavalry, Garrison, Skill), which can be recruited from Lucky Spin, Wheel of Destiny, or Strongest Lord.
  • Added a new Legendary Artifact: Oath of Stormpeak (Cavalry, PvP, Tank), which can be obtained from the Forge of Light or Riches of the Forest events.
  • Added a variety of new types of Dark Creatures on the world map. Fight and purify them into War Pets!
  • Adjusted the combat behavior of Dark Creatures on the world map for smoother fights.
  • Improved the experience when challenging Dark Creatures, which now make more logical choices on which targets to attack. Increased the attack and skill casting range of some Dark Creatures.
  • Adjusted the skill effects of the Goldcrest Artifact. The immobilization effect of this Artifact’s “Shadowflight” skill can only trigger 1 time every 10 seconds on the same target Legion.

Adjusted the skills of some Heroes:

  • Adjusted the effect of Indis’ Axiom of Glory skill to increase the range of target Legions it can heal by 36%.
  • Adjusted Emrys’ Shattering Blow Rage Skill to change its skill damage factor from 600/800/1,000/1,300/1,500 to 700/900/1,100/1,300/1,500.

Improved the battlefield experience in Roots of War:

  • Improved the display of scrolling battlefield notifications. As new messages appear, the older ones disappear faster.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented using Legion Markers in Roots of War.
  • Fixed an issue in which it was impossible to set Alliance Markers in Lifestone details.
  • After summoning a Behemoth on the battlefield, tapping its avatar at the top left will shift the player’s perspective to the Behemoth’s location.
  • After summoning a Behemoth on the battlefield, its avatar will be displayed on the map at the top right.
  • Fixed an issue in which “Rallied Army March Speed +150%” was not displayed in the battlefield buff descriptions.
  • Improved the display of battlefield buffs. These buffs are now more clear and concise.
  • Fury of the Forest: Legion damage dealt bonus.
  • Leaves of Haste: Legion Routed March Speed +300%; Rallied Army March Speed +150%.
  • Fixed an issue with Venomous Lizard’s skill effects. Venomous Lizard’s Malevolent Gaze skill no longer dispels debuff effects on the target Legion.
  • When a Legion in a Pass is defending against attacks from enemy Behemoths, Legion units will no longer die.
  • Added a Commander/Deputy switching feature to the Legion deployment screen. Players can tap an icon to quickly swap the Heroes in those two positions.

More Enjoyable Events!

  • Reduced the escort difficulty of the Breaking Through event in Season 1+ “Burning Stars” and Season 2 “The Icebound Oath”.
  • Improved the Celestial Battlegrounds event. The status of Artifacts and Heroes will be reset after the player activates challenges in each stage.
  • Updated the battlefield in the Trial of Light event and added more Heroes and Artifacts to be used during challenges!
  • Welcome to all new players! Log into the game and upgrade your City to Lvl 4 for a chance to get the Berserk Faedrake War Pet!

Other Improvements

  • Added the Supply Station to the Market, where players can buy different types of the listed resources as desired.
  • Adjusted the list order of Rank 3 units on the Tech interface so that the order is consistent with the Ranks of other units. After adjustment, the Rank 3 units are listed as follows in the Military Technology interface: Infantry Units, Cavalry Units, Marksman Units, and Magic Units.
  • Improved the Alliance disbanding feature. When a Leader applies to disband an Alliance, it will not be disbanded immediately. Instead, it will trigger a countdown based on the Alliance’s level of development. If no members apply to become the Alliance Leader, then the Alliance will be disbanded when the countdown expires.
  • Adjusted the unlock conditions for the City Editor feature to improve the experience of players in the early game. The City Editor can now be unlocked when the City reaches Lvl 9.
  • Added a message-recalling feature. Players can now recall chat messages by tapping and holding a message within two minutes of sending it.

PC Improvements

  • Improved the screen adaptation for PC. When playing in full-screen mode, the full game screen now appears properly even on wide-screen monitors.
  • Improved mouse commands for PC. You can now right-click a Legion’s avatar on the world map to give it a command.
  • Improved the appearance of hover-over effects for PC. When the mouse hovers over a City, map building, or other interactable object, clearer and more suitable effects will be displayed.

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