Is Call Of Dragons Pay to Win Game? – Pay to Win Vs Free to Play

Is Call Of Dragons Pay to Win Game

A lot of new players are wondering if Call of Dragons is a pay-to-win game. Yes, Call of Dragons is a pay-to-win game because there are a lot of bundles and packs that you can purchase in the game store. There is almost no limit to how much you want to spend. Because it is pay-to-win, that does not mean that you should not play and enjoy Call of Dragons as a free-to-play player. All the big mobile games have some sort of pay-to-win system.

What makes Call of Dragons a unique pay-to-win game is that there is a good synergy between pay-to-win and free-to-play players. In this article, we will explain what the biggest differences are between pay-to-win and free-to-play players in terms of synergy, gear, fighting, and so on.

The Role of Free-to-Play Players in Call of Duty

Role of Free-to-Play Players in Call of Duty

In Call of Dragons, you will recognize that someone is free to play if they do not have a hero called Liliya. She is a hero that you can only buy by purchasing packs from the honor store, and you can get her for free by purchasing the first purchase pack. 

There are a lot of things that you have to do as a free-to-play player, and they will require a lot of effort and grinding. The first thing is that it will take you an insane amount of time to get all the building and research done. Getting legendary heroes will always be a struggle, so you have to plan ahead for everything, especially when it comes to heroes. Check out our hero tier list to see which heroes are the best to play and invest in.

Free-to-play players are struggling in new kingdoms where all pay-to-win players will be ahead of them and simply overpower them in almost every part of the game. With time, that gap will close because pay-to-win players will not have anything to upgrade.

Once free-to-play players get tier 4 and tier 5 units, they will be able to do some decent damage, but still, that will not be enough to solo big pay-to-win players. To advance faster as a free player, it is best to join a big alliance that is spending a lot of money because you will get a free alliance chest that will drastically boost your progression. 

Events like Strongest Lord are a problem for free-to-play players in Call of Dragons. There is no chance that you will win the first few spots as a free-to-play player because you saved huge amounts of resources and speedups. Even when you are saving for half of the year, there will always be a pay-to-win player who can, with a few clicks, grab a position on the leaderboard. 

What to do as a free-to-play player 

You have to optimize everything that you are doing in Call of Dragons. You must complete every single event, make multiple farm accounts, plan what heroes you will take, when you will attack, etc. It is hard to play as a free-to-play player, but it is possible. 

There are a lot of things that you can do as a free-to-play player for your alliance. The first thing that you will do is help your pay-to-win players fight their enemies’ pay-to-win players during events. So fill up objectives and buildings with troops, and donate resources to pay-to-win players so they can fight longer. 

Free-to-play players are underpowered in Call of Dragons, but that does not mean that they cannot help lead the kingdom and alliance. They can control territory, plan attacks and defense, do diplomacy, give out titles, and so much more.

Pay-to-win players

Pay-to-win players in Call of Dragons

Pay-to-win players are those who spend money inside the Cal of Dragons shop. Some players will spend $5, while others will spend over $1,000. They are all pay-to-win players, but spending $100 on Call of Dragons will give you basically nothing, so a lot of people still consider players who spent less than $100 as free-to-play players.

Pay-to-win players always have a huge advantage over free-to-play players in new kingdoms, but with time the gap will close and they will have to spend a lot more to get that huge advantage.

The advantages that pay-to-win players will have over free-to-play players in Call of Dragons are honor levels, technology, events, heroes, artifacts, and much more. Every time a new building or hero comes to the game, Pay to Win players will be able to upgrade it in a few minutes. 

Yes, pay-to-win players are too strong, but they can still lose against a few free-to-play players if they do not know how to play and use heroes properly. 

The synergy between pay-to-win players and free-to-play players

Call of Dragons is a great game because there is a great synergy between free-to-play players and pay-to-win players, especially during events where the whole kingdom has to work together to win. Also, a lot of pay-to-win players are playing Call of Dragons on PC so they can control troops easier and see what is going on on the map. 

In most cases, pay-to-win players will lead the attack, rally, and defense because they have max heroes, tech, and artifacts, while free-to-play players will fill up objectives and rallies with troops and support pay-to-win players with resources. 

There are a lot of kingdoms in Call of Dragons and other games that have great organizations that will reward free-to-play players for their support. If a pay-to-win player gets all the rewards, a lot of players will leave the kingdom or stop playing, and that is how you create a dead kingdom.

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