Call of Dragons City Sizes and Age

Call of Dragons City Sizes and Age

Call of Dragons has 5 different city sizes, and you will unlock each one after upgrading the city hall to a certain level. You can upgrade the city hall to level 25, but not all upgrades will give you a new city size. 

In Call of Dragons, city sizes are as follows:

  1. Settlement- Starting
  2. Village- Upgrading city hall from level 3 to 4
  3. Town-Upgrading city hall from level 9 to 10
  4. Citadel-Upgrading city hall from level 15 to 16
  5. Metropolis-Upgrading City Hall from Level 20 to 21

City size is important because it expands your territory and allows you to place more structures and decorations to improve the appearance of your city. The design of structures will also be improved. If you are active and complete all in-game events and daily tasks, you will be able to reach the final city size quickly.

Check out our guide on City Hall so you can know how much it costs to upgrade it to a certain level, and do not forget to redeem all Call of Dragons codes that will give you free items like games and speedups.

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